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HK Again

From: mvbrandon@cox.net
To: Trnreri@aol.com
Sent: 6/14/2009


Not being SCV, you wouldn't have seen the account of HK's activities surrounding the NASCAR race weekend in Atlanta in the Spring of 2007 that follow my signature below. Realize that prior to this weekend in the Spring of 2007, Elijah and the other Compatriots there felt sorry for HK who was constantly complaining that he didn't have a decent vehicle to get around in. Every word of Elijah Coleman's summary of what occurred that weekend below is the gospel truth. HK denied every allegation of impropriety leveled against him by Elijah, Joel and Dan Coleman calling them all liars. HK's main benefactor is Dewey Barber, who uses HK to sell merchandise from his business Dixie Outfitters. I've included below Elijah's Summary of HK's ungrateful actions of that weekend another correspondence from Elijah that he sent to Dewey Barber. That correspondence includes comments about the weekend from both Joel and Dan Coleman, brothers of Elijah. Read the e-mails with the understanding that prior to that weekend in Atlanta, Elijah, Dan & Joel were as much a supporter of HK as anyone, even the handful of hardcore supporters that he surrounds himself with today. There was absolutely no reason for any of them to misrepresent the facts they present in the two e-mail messages below. HK's defense of his actions that weekend was to call every one of these honorable men liars. It was HK's refusal to admit he screwed up big time and apologize to Elijah Coleman for insulting him not only be refusing his gift of a dependable used Ford Explorer worth $5000 retail, but by rubbing salt in the wound saying he would not accept the gift of a vehicle unless it was worth $9,000. It was what happened that weekend in the Spring of 2007 that made me realize just who HK Edgerton really is. Since that weekend I swore I'd never give HK Edgerton a dime of my money. Since that weekend, he's pulled many other stunts from refusing to stay out of the Town of Jena when ordered to by the Louisiana Division Executive Committee and the CIC of the SCV to insulting the entire membership of the Florida Division in an e-mail message while at the same time calling the Florida Division Commander a "White Supremist". HK s quite a piece of work.

Here's a picture of HK's loyalty to the Southern Cause taken at an SCV event prior to the 2008 Presidential election. Of utmost importance in the SCV is that our Camps remain politically neutral to avoid the possibility of the national organization losing its 501-C-3 tax exempt status. As you can see in the photo, in marches HK with a politically divisive symbol to start with and an insult to the memory mine and everyone else's Confederate ancestors sacrifice for mine yours and everyone else's freedom from an oppressive National government that still today almost 150 years after the subjugation of the CSA is every bit oppressive as it was in 1860.

Mark V. Brandon
Gonzales, LA Occupied CSA
Member Henry Watkins Allen Camp #133 Baton Rouge, LA
Great Grandson of 1st Sgt. John Wesley Brandon
CO E 9th TN CAV, 1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan's Regimental Cavalry


From: NasRebs@yahoogroups.com On Behalf Of Elijah S. Coleman
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Subject: [NasRebs] Summary of nascar blitz Saturday & Sunday


In preparation of the Hellanta nascar Spring race, about 20 activists volunteered to help in the proliferation of our Southern Battleflag that has been attacked by nascar.

I understand that a grant from SCV National of about $10,000.00 has bought 5,000 3X5' Battleflags and will also pay for several banner plane flights over 6 races in the South. Mr. Grayson Jennings from Virginia ordered the flags and banner plane flights.

My Son and I had previously cut Battleflag signs from old political signs and had them ready to install, with the staple guns ready. A tank of helium, cords and bags of balloons were also ready.

On Friday, a day early, Grayson and H. K. arrived at Dixie Rides while Rhett and I were at work. They had brought a truck load of flags (800) and these were looking good with the Battleflag and checkered flag. We hung one out front on U. S. 78, 278. We were glad to see them arrive.

A previous call had been put out to help H. K. get a vehicle. Others and I had offered to help. Since I was not going to sell any of my cars (for appearances sake) we took H. K. and Grayson to the wholesale lot where we buy cars by bidding on each car. Our desire was to find a dependable vehicle for H. K. and I thought a 98 Ford Explorer there would be nice and doable for about $3,000.00.

On that Friday, we were excited about our plan for nascar. Grayson is a fine, generous and dedicated Southern gentleman from Virginia and he is doing a great job in this mission. He even gave H. K. the $100.00 donation toward this mission that I received from Florida's Sally Raburn.

Saturday Dan Coleman set up a motor home for us at nascar about 3 P.M. We met there and began our agenda. H. K. quickly took dozens of the flags and started getting these SCV donated flags out "with donations to H. K.'s pocket", usually from 50 cents up to $5.00. The others, Joel, Rhett, Craig, Henry and I started filling balloons with helium to raise our flags, which some were tethered. On others we would mount Battleflags under and release to float over nascar. What beautiful sites these were both Saturday and Sunday. About every 30 minutes, H.K. would come and reload his bag with flags to distribute.

On this day H. K. told me he was not interested in older cars, and wants donors to send to him $8,000 or $9,000. Needless to say, I didn't take his address. About that time I began to see a new H. K. obsessed with money as he spoke of everybody ripping him off on past visits by him to Florida and other States. Money was the main thing on his mind. After collecting that $100.00 and all the donations from 400 flags he delivered to the public on Saturday, I realized he was now in the heritage fight only for the money. H. K. kept all the money.

With only 400 flags remaining, I called Cheryl and had her send out an email to the others (Michele, Rod, Billy, Dan Roberts, Craig, and Steve that they were not really needed but to come if they wished. When it got dark on Saturday, Henry from Jacksonville, FL and I went out and installed Battleflag signs up and down 20 miles on the divided Hwy. U. S. 41 for our Sunday nascar visitors. Meanwhile, Rhett, Dan, Joel, and Craig (a helpful Yankee friend) took about 40 flags inside nascar. They were prepared to pay one $50.00 or so, but a loyal Southerner at the gate let them all in free and they plastered nascar red with these flags.

With a few hours sleep, we left Sunday A.M. early for our main day at nascar. H. K. again loaded up and gave out "for donations to H. K.", 200 more flags. Meanwhile Dan, Joel, Rhett, Henry, Grayson, a fellow from Alabama, and I launched more flags over nascar. Joel took one to the entrance of nascar and tethered it there. Dan took one down there too where thousands couldn't miss our Battleflag.

Next our Confederate Air Force showed up about noon and towed a huge Battleflag with the checkered flag. In the rear was the message "Don't forget your Southern roots". People in the stands gave an applause. About that time H. K. came back complaining about having only about one hundred and something dollars. You see none of us were there to make money, so I (the only one) finally spoke up and told H. K. I had personally seen him put more than that in his pockets and that I knew he had hundreds in his pockets from 600 flag donations and Sally's $100.00. Rather than to count the money, he started cursing me. I've had enough of the new H. K. Others gave out the remaining 40 flags and donations were about $2.00/flag.

The first nascar blitz of Battleflags was 100% accomplished. We will do it again in the Fall if Grayson finds that one of the other 5 races cannot be blitzed as scheduled. We enjoyed meeting Grayson from Virginia and Henry from Florida and enjoyed working with them. Thanks for coming to Georgia.


Elijah S. Coleman, Georgian


----- Original Message -----
From: Elijah S. Coleman

Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2007
Subject: Reply to Dewey about the new H. K


This is my reply to Dewey's two letters:

Some H. K. apologists have said that H. K. should have a brand new car. I read Dewey's letter praising H. K. and in error, days later, reported that he also thought H. K. should have a new car. Let me say here that Dewey's letter didn't go that far after reading it again.

In a December 19, 1998 Asheville Citizen-Times article, Asheville NAACP President, H.K. Edgerton, whose title has been suspended by the NC NAACP, said the reason he turned to Lyons is, "Money. Everything is about money."

"The NAACP is an organization whose policy against the symbols of our ancestors and their interpretation of history is one that I do not accept. However, I hate no one in it's organization, and I see no man as my enemy. We are all Americans who have many, many common causes." H. K.

Dewey and Neill, are writing and taking the side of H. K. as not being a money grubber. Neill Payne wrote that H. K. should have turned down the "junk" car donation that would retail for $3,000.00. Wrong. BlueBook.com lists this vehicle at retail at $5,400.00.

As a dealer, I was getting H. K. a 98 SUV at dealer wholesale for $3,000.00. This is not a "junk" car and many, many have written that they would love and appreciate such a car. At the time of refusal, I had only received $100.00 pledges from 3 people and myself. I was going to give H. K. this nice car believing that I could raise the other $2,600.00. Neil and Dewey may drive new cars, but most of us in the field, working for free, drive lesser cars including Cheryl and I. We have no appreciation for those who cannot accept gifts graciously. I once thought H. K. was sincere and I have previously handed him money along with thousands of others. That was before the third day here for the Battleflag distribution where the real H. K. came out.

It has been confirmed that H. K. was given three hundred dollar bills and that H. K. passed out, for donation to H. K, about 400 flags Saturday afternoon and about 200 flags on Sunday A. M. The average each of the other flag distributors collected for donations was $2 for each flag. So H. K. picked up at nascar $300.00 mentioned above, and the donations he collected for about 600 flags. On Sunday H. K. was gripping about only having one hundred and something dollars. Such an obvious lie caused me to simply challenge him to take the funds out of his pockets and count the money. You see I had seen H. K. converting small bills to larger bills, saw Grayson give him Sally's $100.00 donation, and saw him collecting donations from the public and from my Brother. At the time I didn't know about Grayson's other $100.00 bill given to H. K. nor did I know that Henry from Jacksonville had also given him a $100.00 bill. H. K. could have collected a total of about $1,500.00 (? no one knows) on this trip, and while here staying with me for three days, he did not have any expenses. I have decided that this poverty stricken man as described by his business associates has found himself in a very nice position to amass our heritage funds and donations.

I listened for three days of his gripping about not getting his promised six to eight hundred dollars per protest trip to many States, including Florida. One day he kept downgrading the SLRC for using all the donated funds to pay only their fines leaving all the other Virginia lawyers vs. Dupont hanging without funds. He was so obsessed with getting these flags out for donations to H. K., that on the first day I had to call my wife to tell the others they weren't needed on Sunday. On Saturday night, my brothers and others went out and then on Sunday, they collected $2/flag. Later he and Grayson left and nothing was said about H. K.'s claim that all of H. K.'s money was taken from Grayson's truck by the young girl whose family had donated our motor home camp site. Speaking of libel H. K?

After I reported to the other donors about H. K. rejecting the $4,000 value car, and that he wanted them to send him $8,000.00 or $9,000.00, I withdrew my offer to raise any money for the money grubber. Now here comes H. K. and says he only collected seventy six cents for the first one hundred flags he handed out for donations. Only a fool could believe this after seeing race fans and my Brother handing H. K. money.

This is not about you or me and our character. We are well known. But the new H. K. is not known to many compatriots. Money was the only thing on his mind, and there was NO WAY he ever took those hundreds out of his pockets to be stolen by a young girl known very well by my Brothers. My closest estimate for H. K.'s nascar take was six hours work and his amassing a total of $1,500.00. H. K.'s two replies are full of lies. There's no way you can believe both of us. One of us is the biggest liar around. Choose as you wish. I have nothing to gain by exposing he who some believe to be the savior of the Southern cause. I have never followed H. K. He has joined us in the past. I have never thought H. K. should be the next President of the Confederacy as he now seeks implementation instructions from our C.I.C. After exposing traitors Allen Trapp, P. Charles Lunsford, and Rusty Henderson for treacherously working with King Roy Barnes to steal our State flag, I am accustomed to getting the truth out.

Dewey wrote:

I don't have a problem with you suspecting HK. I don't have a problem with you accusing HK, if you feel it is justified. I just don't think you should do it publically for the whole world to see.

Why not warn the heritage community that H. K. is only after the big bucks. Then individuals and Camps can use their funds for flags, books, billboards, commercials, and etc?

My Mamma always told me, If you do not have anything good to say about people then don't say anything at all.

Infighting and exposure (removing rotten apples) has been necessary throughout history and always will be. The truth shall set her free.

HK has no money and no assets of any kind.

You had better rethink that line Dewey. Thousands have been throwing money at H. K. with no accountability. Dozens have recently told me they have been giving him $100 bills, but no more.

The idea that HK is working for our Southern heritage to make money is beyond laughable! A blind man could see that this about the least lucrative path you could take, if your goal was to make money.

It works for you Dewey, doesn't it. Is your Southern heritage income beyond laughable too? And we hope you don't get stuck with all those H. K. shirts.

These public accusations concerning HK are "suspicions" not supported by evidence. There is no evidence of how much money was "taken" and according to HK's recounting of the events, the money that was taken, was stolen by a person who gained access to the car under pretense of recharging her phone. In all the years of our association, HK has never once told me a lie and certainly never stolen. I have no reason to doubt his word.
Dewey Barber

Then you are implying that it is me who is the liar. Since Dewey, Neil, and H. K. derive income from the heritage movement, and I do not, the public can believe who they wish and spend and donate their money as they please. One could not have pried that money from H. K.'s pockets for accountability. I tried, and was told to go to Hell, perhaps ten times. And Dewey, why was this major alleged theft not reported, or may I say even mentioned for many days after my report on H. K.'s money grubbing?

Here's some comments from my family members who really think H. K. should be ignored as his statements are so ridiculous:

Joel Coleman wrote:

My guess as to how much money H.K. received from his giving out flags for donations would have been several hundred dollars. I know I gave him an $8 donation that was handed to me in front of the motor home on Saturday evening. It was my intent to donate $200 toward the purchase of a car fot for H.K., but that was before you told us that H.K. did not want a cheap car. One of the two young girls in question, I have known for years and believe her to be honest. The other girl I didn't know, but she is a mute and would have no need for a cell phone.

Dan Coleman wrote:

Point # 1 - The mobile home was set up by 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, not Sunday morning. H K was there before 3 PM. Joel and I spent the night and worked before H K arrived on Sunday.

Point # 2 - It was not a 1-man show. We all worked on this project.

Point # 3 - H K asked for donations for the flags from the start. Almost everyone gave dollars. Getting 2 donations of 76 cents after 100 flags is a ridiculous statement. Joel, Rhett, I, and the yankee passed out approximately 50 flags in the infield area late Saturday night after H K had left. We passed out others on Saturday and Sunday, probably 150 in all. We received donations of $292.00. H K did hurriedly dispose of more of the flags than others. He was anxious to do so.

Point # 4 - The part about the young lady stealing his money & phone is garbage. I've known that woman for years. I do not believe she would do such a thing or that H K would leave that much money lying around.



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From: Trnreri@aol.com
To: mvbrandon@cox.net
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009

if you have the time, i'd like to know what some of the lies and thefts were-- it's hard to work a job and travel as much as he does-- i've seen him a few times and never saw anything wrong with his actions on those hot days-- i'm not SCV but my grandad's oldest brother was killed at Gettysburg and 2 other older brothers did 4 years for the South-- my grand dad was not born until 1898 but they had a big family stretched out over 50 years==-- i reckon you'll just love the top photo but hopefully you'll like those that follow-- thanks--scott in gastonia, nc