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Below are some interesting links to news articles concerning free speech rights, Southern history, and government reactions to these issues. Our older News items can now be found in the News Archives.

Another Round Of Confederate Controversy Brewing In Selma
Another battle may be brewing over a Confederate memorial site in a cemetery in Selma. The Selma City Council is a step closer to turning over control of Confederate Circle in Old Live Oak Cemetery to a confederate heritage group. The council voted to deed the land to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Confederate Flag Sparks Conversation At CCU
Coastal Carolina University held an ethics discussion Wednesday evening on the Confederate flag and its place in modern society. The event was open to the public. Around 70 people of different ages and races attended to discuss their views of the flag.

Never Again
Recently I was waiting my turn in a check-out line at a local retail store. Near by was a rack of various children’s books and among them was one entitled “Meet Dr. Martin Luther King.” I do not suggest that there was anything wrong with the presence of that book but rather the absence of other books that could have been offered as well.

Where Am I RVA? Museum Of The Confederacy
During the sesquicentennial anniversary of the War Between the States -- which began in 2009 and will continue through 2015 -- collections of Civil War artifacts and materials have been a more popular tourism draw throughout the country.

Robert E. Lee Honored At Downtown Plaza
A day before many observed the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., including a holiday for some, other Roanokers gathered downtown to pay homage to General Robert E. Lee, laying wreaths and reciting a poem at Lee Plaza.

'Silent Sam" Statue Of Confederate Soldier Is Topic Of UNC-CH Lecture
Anyone who's ever wondered about the real story behind the "Silent Sam" Statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can get answers to their questions at a free public lecture on campus.

Free Speech Zones: King Lincoln Vs. King Obama
In his book Freedom Under Lincoln, historian Dean Sprague wrote that the only place in the Northern states where freedom of speech existed during the Lincoln administration was in these gulags. Compared to this I suppose King Obama looks like a Jeffersonian champion of free speech.

One Mississippi Schools Take Of MLK And Robert E. Lee Day
Schools around the country close in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But schools in the Deep South are also observing the birthday of Confederate General, Robert E. Lee.

Join Me At CCU For Confederate Flag Discussion
The Confederate States of America lasted about 4 years, but the flag that has come to define it has life a century and a half later, and there’s no reason to believe it will be leaving stage left any time soon, or even that it should.

Memphis City Council Member Leaves Meeting In Tears After Defense Of Historic KKK Leader
The emotionally charged issue of renaming Forrest Park landed at City Council, leading one council member to leave a committee meeting in tears.

Always Follow The Money
Well, here we are into February so I'm sure we will hear a lot from the media about Abraham Lincoln. There is a highly-promoted motion picture playing in theaters all around the country that I have absolutely no desire to see. This movie has been nominated for a number of awards but I still have no desire to spend my time and money on this show.

The Law Of The Sword
All across America, pastors and Christians seem to be willing to sheepishly surrender their Second Amendment rights. Some are no doubt sincere; they are only reacting as their Christian mentors and leaders have told them is right to do. Others are no doubt using Scripture as a covering for their own cowardice.

Local Minutemen, Sheriffs Discuss Gun Control
Here's the kind of community input our Southern elected officials need to hear! From WTVD-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina: Hundreds of people met Wednesday evening to talk passionately about the Second Amendment and their rights to bear arms.

States Pulling Rug From Under Obama Gun Plans
Rallies have been scheduled to protest Barack Obama’s gun agenda, members of Congress are pondering their resistance and American consumers are speaking daily with ever-new records for gun purchases.

Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing To Infringe On Gun Rights IS The Solution
Sheriff Richard Mack will appear on the Infowars Nightly News to outline the exciting and growing movement of sheriffs, law enforcement officers, lawmakers and citizens who are vowing to defend the 2nd Amendment and refuse to participate in any federal violations of the right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms And Self Defense
"We encourage all Southerners to defend their God-given right to self defense. To defend oneself and one's family, real property, and rights presupposes having the means to do so, and in our day that means firearms ownership and the right to keep and bear such arms whenever and wherever necessary.

Virginia Celebrates Lee-Jackson Day
Virginia is marking Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday dedicated to two towering figures in the Civil War.

Confederate Lawyer Fights To Keep Confederate Memorial Plastered In Confederate Remembrance
The Texas Supreme Court building is the largest Confederate memorial in the world. Kirk Lyons, a lawyer with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, wants me to know this. He says it, repeats it. At the beginning of the conversation. In the middle. At the end, twice.

They're Baaack! Arizona's Neo-Confederate Dead-Enders Are Back
Once again, Arizona's Neo-Confederate dead-enders are back promoting the long discredited theories of "interposition and nullification" to oppose desegregation gun regulations under the banner of "state's rights."

Journey Of Confederate Battle Flag Begins In Craven County
Although the Museum of the Albemarle’s Civil War Sesquicentennial exhibit will remain on display until 2015, the same artifacts will not remain up for that entire time. Every 12 months the curatorial staff rotates new objects into the existing displays. A new artifact just went on display this month, the Whitford Flag.

East Texans Remember Confederate Ancestors At Courthouse Ceremony
A gun salute, the sound of “Taps” and the singing of “Dixie” sounded across the Gregg County Courthouse lawn Saturday as dozens of East Texans remembered their ancestors who served in the Confederate Army.

Confederate Heroes Day In Midland 1/19/13
The ground rattled at the sound of military muskets and cannon-fire at the Confederate's Heroes Day celebration this morning in the tall city.

Lexington Celebrates Lee-Jackson Day
People in the Lexington area celebrated Lee-Jackson day.

Georgia Public Broadcasting Sugar-Coats US Invasion & Destruction Of Peach State
Secession did bring war, and ultimately, the end of slavery, ironically making Georgia’s secessionists the most practical abolitionists of all.

New York’s Charles Rangel—The Culture Dictator
It seems that Mr. Rangel has taken an interest in the culture of the Southern states. People with dictatorial mindsets are always wanting to stick their long noses into what other people do and how they live so they can satisfy their innate desire for divinity by changing what other people in other areas do and how they think.

Court Date Set On Confederate Flag Lawsuit Appeal
The Sons of Confederate Veterans Stonewall Brigade appealed the ruling against its lawsuit over flying the confederate flag in Lexington.

Downtown Rock Hill Store Takes Down Confederate Flag Signs
Without shouts or shots or even a raised voice, the owner of a downtown Rock Hill store that had a Confederate flag emblem on his business signs took the signs down.

Man Charged After Displaying Confederate Flag
“The security guard asked me to get off, and I politely asked him to show me the law that says I can`t be in a public park with a flag… it sent my daughter in tailspin, and I felt totally bad my children being there and seeing this.”

The Old South Is Fading Away
Politically speaking, we live by caricature. Particularly in the age of satellite TV news and Internet fulmination, the temptation is to melodrama. So I wasn't terribly surprised to read a recent article in the online magazine Salon arguing that "even though it's a truism of American public discourse that the Civil War never ended, it's also literally true."

Will There Be A Jefferson Davis Sequel To Abe Lincoln?
The debate and division in America today is as polarizing as it was in the ante bellum era. The issues are very similar in terms of the role of the federal government, with the exception of slavery.

Why Hollywood Leftists Love Lincoln
The story line of Spielberg's "Lincoln" is totally bogus and in fact gets the historical facts exactly backwards. There's no historical evidence that Lincoln lifted a finger to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed, the bogus theme of the movie.

Possible Apology From Dixie State For Confederate Ties
Dixie State College is considering a formal apology for past racially insensitive campus traditions, according to the college’s spokesperson.

There Is More To Flap Over Forrest
Historian Lee Millar, speaking for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the West Tennessee Historical Commission, says the groups had permission from the city to place a 1,000-pound granite marker at Forrest Park and it should not have been removed.

Lee-Jackson Day 2013 (Jan. 17-19)
The Stonewall Brigade SCV will once again be hosting a symposium, ceremonies, parade, flag vigil, luncheon, and a Civil War era ball in Lexington, Virginia in honor of the birthdays of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson.

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Commander Urges Crowd To Preserve The Past
The Dahlonega-based Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1860 conducted the 15th annual memorial service for Confederate Gen. James Longstreet at his grave in Alta Vista Cemetery.

Axiom 1: Advance Individual And Regional Sovereignty Over Elite And Global Governance Control
If you look at the world as it is today rather than as you wish it were, nothing is as it was, particularly in the "formerly" advanced West. We live in a financially and economically interconnected world where transportation and information travels at lightning speed when compared to 100-plus years ago.

Anti-Southern Bias In US Coverage Of BCS Championship?
Anti-Southern insults are nothing new to sports. Recently, the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia ran ads for the anti-Southern film Lincoln during a game in a city that was burned to the ground by Lincoln’s troops.

Forrest Park Marker Was Approved, Memphis Veterans Say
The spokesman for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the West Tennesseee Historical Commission said the city's chief administrative officer did not return three telephone calls asking that he return a $9,000 granite marker removed from the park after a complaint by Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey.

Battle Over Forrest Park Marker Removed By City
There is a battle going on between the City of Memphis and the Sons of Confederate Veterans over a marker removed from a Memphis park.

City Removal Of Forrest Park Marker Angers Sons Of Confederate Veterans
The city and the Sons of Confederate Veterans began a mini Civil War over the city's removal without warning of a half-ton granite marker from the south side of Forrest Park.

Remembering Robert E. Lee And Stonewall Jackson
Will equal time be given to two more great Americans, General Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee, who were born in January?

Sons of Confederate Veterans Group Is Chartered
“You’ve all done well. I’ve never seen a charter with this many new members.”

The Truth About The Emancipation Proclamation
In all the hullabaloo about the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, signed by Lincoln January 1, 1863, and the ensuing worship of St. Abe for freeing the slaves, it is a sure thing that the truth about the document will be lost.

50 Reasons State Compliance With Federal System Is Intolerable
In response to the topic of secession, some State governors are claiming that the benefits of “Union” outweigh the benefits of secession. Really?

The Economic Power Of The Southern States
Although GDP is not a perfect measure of economic power, the number can be used as a matter of comparison between states or in this matter, comparing southern states to other nations.

The Emancipation Proclamation—All Blow And No Show
Many who have been told about the Proclamation have been misinformed that with it “Lincoln freed the slaves.” This is the sort of historical legerdemain that has been passed along to us and our children through what passes for history books in public schools. The Proclamation actually freed no one.

Eeeeevil SCV Honors Eeeeevil Sheriff For Doing His Job
I came across this typically-biased and bigoted article about the "racist" Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio accepting an award from the AZ. Division SCV, who are labeled as "Neo-Confederates".

Happy Southern New Year!

Youth Gives Talk On Ancestors
Ellie Turner, fourth great-granddaughter of L. A. Turner, recently spoke on her Confederate ancestor, a Confederate soldier who is the namesake of the Bastrop Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederate.