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True History

Often today, history is rewritten to satisfy "Political Correctness." We feel this is an injustice, and attempt to counter this by providing a more realistic account of the War For Southern Independence. Below are links which contain FACTS, not politically correct rhetoric.

Lincoln: Press Freedom And War Restraints
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The Key Event That Led To Uncontrolled Federal Growth

How And Why Abraham Lincoln Started The War Of Northern Aggression To Protect His Own Political Career

True Quotes

No Friends Of The Negro Up North

Northern Care Of The Freedmen

Sherman's Army Of Emancipation In Georgia

The Feds Versus The Indians

How Lincoln's Army 'Liberated' The Indians

The Hanging Of Mary Surratt

Communists' Effect On America

Battle Of Griswoldville, Georgia

War Crimes Of The Yankee Invaders

Fighting Joe Wheeler - Part 3

Fighting Joe Wheeler - Part 2

Fighting Joe Wheeler - Part 1

An Inconvenient History-War for Southern Independence-Part 2

An Inconvenient History-War for Southern Independence-Part 1

General Order Number 11

Letter From D. H. Hill To Union General Foster

The Un-Civil War In Missouri - Lawrence In Perspective

The Un-Civil War In Missouri - Pay Back

40 Acres And A Mule

Making Saints Of Monsters

The Un-Civil War In Missouri - The Plan For Vengeance

The Un-Civil War In Missouri - Tribune Papers, Western North Carolina

Wilmington, Abolition, And The Underground Railroad

Hispanic Confederate, Moses Ezekiel

Lincoln Tries To Fool The Danes

Black Confederate Participation

The "Sukey" Sails For Africa

1898 Wilmington - Debunking The Myths

Union Leagues

Northern Atrocities

A Rebel's Recollections

Jackson's Relations With Slaves

Slavery And Abolitionism, As Viewed By A Georgia Slave

Union League Terrorism During The Occupation

My Experience In The Confederate Army And In Northern Prisons

The Rape Of Athens, Alabama

Facts About Slavery And The War For Southern Independence

Why Did Union Troops Sack And Pillage Athens?

Jim Limber, Black History

The Lincoln Fable

Jewish Confederates

The Story Of The Roswell Mill Worker's Deportation

Sherman's Plunder And Death

Understanding The Causes Of The Uncivil War

The Boy Hero Of The Confederacy

Interview With General N.B. Forrest

History Swept Under The Rug: Only Western Civilization Put An End To Slavery

Up From Slavery: Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)

Jackson's 'Colored Sunday School' class

Yankee Atrocities Against Blacks

The Forced Enlistment Of Southern Blacks Into The U.S. Army

Lincoln Unmasked

The South Not Responsible For Slavery

Stonewall Jackson, Champion Of Black Literacy

Ethnic Cleansing - American Style

Sherman's March: Final Revenge

Lincoln's Presidential Warrant To Arrest Chief Justice Roger B. Taney

Richard "Dick" Poplar Memorial Program 2006

Confederate POW's

Centering The South

Terrible Odds The Southrons Fought Against

August 22, 1862 - Lincoln Replies To Horace Greeley

Lincoln On Tariffs

The Lincoln Cult's Latest Cover Up

New England Hypocrisy

White Slavery - What The Scots Already Know

Documenting Ugly History

Jackson's 'Colored Sunday School' Class

The Post-War Jefferson Davis: The Famous Trial That Never Was

Slavery: Did It Cause Secession And The War Between The States?

The Corwin Amendment: Promise Of Perpetual Slavery

Secession: Treasonous Act Or Constitutional Choice?

Communist Support For The Union And For 'Reconstruction'

King Lincoln Archive

The Causes Of The War Between The States

The Great Locomotive Chase 144th Anniversary

Hear From A Confederate Soldier   (NOTE: This is a very large MP3 sound file. Please give it time to load. It's worth it!

Secession: Considered as a Right in the States Composing the Late American Union of States, and as to the Grounds of Justification of the Southern States in Exercising the Right.

Jefferson Davis, Religion, And The Politics Of Recognition   (Microsoft Word Document)

A Condensed Look At The Southern Side Of The Civil War

Facts About The Founding Of The Union

The Hampton Roads Peace Conference During The War Between The States

The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag

Some Surprising Facts About The Confederacy

Reasons For Civil War Were Many And Complex, But South Had Good Reason To Fight It

Sherman The Pyromaniac

Slavery Myths

Was Lincoln A Tyrant?

Genesis Of The Civil War

Why The Republican Party Elected Lincoln

A Lost Cause, But An Honorable One

Complicity Uncovers North's Ties To Slavery

Dixie's Censored Subect - Black Slaveowners

Old North: Recalling the Real Slaves of New York

Slavery And Abolitionism, As Viewed By A Georgia Slave

Atrocities Against Slaves In New York City

My Black, North Carolina Kinfolk

Myths Of The American Civil War

General Nathan Bedford Forrest - The First True Civil Rights Leader

Robert E. Lee On The Causes Of The War

Legalized Slavery

Northern Profits From Slavery

American Federalism: What Changed Between 1787 and 2004?

Jefferson Davis - Our Greatest Hero

Forrest's Ties To KKK A Trumped-up Myth

The Southern Side of the Civil War

More Trouble For The Lincoln Cartel

The Price In Blood - Casualties In The Civil War

Constitutional Futility

Slavery In The North

Slavery and Southern Independence

Secession Wasn't Treason

No Treason

A Southern View of History - The War For Southern Independence

Was The Union Army's Invasion Of The Confederate States A Lawful Act?

Lincoln's Tariff War

The Right of Secession

For What Are We Contending?

Free Traders, Not Traitors -- Economic Issues And The War For Southern Independence

Taking America Back

The New York Draft Riots

Machan, Secession, and Slavery

Let's put myths to rest  (The Lincoln myth)

How It Was: Four Years Among the Rebels  (Book from 1892)

A Moral Accounting of the Union and the Confederacy  (PDF document)

Attacking the Confederate Battle Flag: An Example of Northern White Hypocrisy

Missing History: Omissions in James McPherson's Book THE BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM

A Look At Four Claims About the War Between the States

DiLorenzo and His Critics on the Lincoln Myth

Facts That Support the Southern View of the Civil War

Lincoln's War

The Confederacy, The Union, and the Civil War - A look at four claims about the War Between the States

FAQ about the War for Southern Independence

Black Slave Owners - Dixie's Censored Subject

Lesser Known Historical Excerpts Relevant to The War for Southern Independence

The Right to Secede

Southern Civilians Under Fire

Tariffs, Not slavery

Who Cares about the Civil War?

On Secession and Southern Independence