Southern Heritage 411 Inc. is a corporation founded to inform the public about Southern Heritage from the perspective of the hundreds of thousands of black people who love and support the South, its people, its customs, and its history.

The President of “Southern Heritage 411” is H.K. Edgerton, a black Confederate activist who works tirelessly to bring the real truth of our heritage to people of all races. H.K. Edgerton has walked thousands of miles carrying his large Confederate Battle Flag through cities and towns and down country roads. He speaks at venues all over the South exposing the many myths of Yankee history and setting the record straight regarding
blacks role in the history of the South.

H.K. Edgerton and Southern Heritage 411 strive to illuminate the truth as it pertains to the relationships and experiences of blacks and whites in the South as they have struggled together to maintain the principles of a limited, democratic and representative government as espoused by America’s founding fathers.

Please browse our site and see a perspective of Southern Heritage not taught in our public schools or seen in our politically correct media. Some of the facts will shock and surprise you.


If you wish to support Southern Heritage 411 and the efforts of H.K. Edgerton to bring truth and understanding to the many people ignorant of the true facts regarding our Southern Heritage, you can contribute, become a member of Southern Heritage 411 or purchase merchandise that will fund the efforts of Southern Heritage 411. The truth is needed. Your help is needed

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