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29 12, 2006

News 134

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GUEST COLUMN: Myths of Nathan Bedford Forrest I believe in the teachings of Nathan Bedford Forrest: "Although we differ in color, we should not differ in sentiment." In "Eartha M.M. White superior to Forrest," a guest columnist absorbed propaganda and folk legend, blended them with misdirected anger and offered them as history. Forrest was a successful slave dealer, but renowned for his humane policies. He purchased broken families and reunited them. He [...]

29 12, 2006

News 133

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Student, faculty committee to study UT statues By KEVIN PETERS KVUE News The president of the University of Texas plans to study what -- if anything -- should be done to numerous confederate statues on the Austin campus. Early next year, President William Powers, Jr., is expected to appoint a committee of students and faculty to decide what to do with the statues. They will decide whether to leave them or get [...]

29 12, 2006

News 132

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University Of Texas Ponders Confederate Statue Controversy December 28, 2006 William Macklin - All Headline News Staff Reporter Austin, TX (AHN) - Four bronze statues depicting leaders of the Confederacy have been at the center of a long-standing debate about race and history, at the University of Texas. Now, the school's new president hopes a newly appointed panel will resolve the conflict. The statues depicting Confederate president Jefferson Davis, Generals Robert E. [...]

29 12, 2006

News 131

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UT wants to forget the past? Thursday, December 28, 2006 As a Civil War amateur historian, I cringe at the current movement of the politically-correct crowd to try and distance our nation from southern “heroes.” All over the south, Civil War memorials to Jefferson Davis and prominent southern generals have come under attack as being symbols of bigotry and hate. Perhaps they are, but they are also symbols of the legacy of [...]

29 12, 2006

News 130

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Future of Confederate-leader statues at UT uncertain University of Texas president plans committee to determine statues' place on campus Associated Press AUSTIN — University of Texas President William Powers Jr. said he plans to form an advisory committee to study whether something should be done about the numerous campus statues honoring the Confederacy. The statues have in recent history become a topic of debate among students, professors and administrators. They include four [...]

29 12, 2006

News 129

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What to do about Confederate statues at UT? Powers to appoint advisory panel. By Ralph K.M. Haurwitz AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Wednesday, December 27, 2006 A stroll past the statues shaded by live oaks along the South Mall of the University of Texas suggests that the university has a soft spot for the Confederacy. After all, four of the bronze figures were leaders of the Southern cause, including Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate [...]

29 12, 2006

News 127

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Kentucky SCV Adopts Position in Allen Central Mascot Case The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international organization dedicated to the preservation of the reputation and honor of the Confederate soldier. It is apolitical and non-sectarian. Its membership includes white, black, Hispanic, Jewish and American Indian descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors. As such, that organization has frequently been involved in disagreements with local school administrators who have attempted to limit the [...]

28 12, 2006

Hkedgerton 126

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Report On Christmas Day Monday morning December 25, 2006, I would adorn the uniform of the Southern Soldier, pick up his battle banner, and travel down highway 23 North into the city of Burnsville, North Carolina, where I would spend several hours on the side of the road wishing those who pass by a Merry Christmas, and explaining to those who stopped to chat, [...]

21 12, 2006

News 125

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Judge to Hear Arguments in Confederate Clothing Case (Florence) - US District Judge Terry Wooten is scheduled to hear arguments in Florence Wednesday on whether a Latta High School Student will be allowed to wear Confederate-themed clothing to school while her lawsuit over the issue proceeds. Candice Hardwick's family sued in March over whether the girl can wear clothing with images of the Confederate flag to school. School officials say the symbol [...]

21 12, 2006

Hkedgerton 125

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Back to the main articles page      Candice Hardwick / An Open Report On Wednesday, December 20, 2006, I would have the honor to accompany the infamous(Antidote) Attorney Kirk D. Lyons to Federal Court in Florence, South Carolina; where he would work his magic in behalf of Candice Hardwick; a young Latta High School Junior from Dillon, S.C.. Candice has faced persecution daily since middle school from the politically correct academic staffs assigned [...]