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17 12, 2006

News 115

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Confederate flag should continue to fly By Michael Guy Re James Henderson letter, "S.C. folks should back Confederate boycott," Dec. 10: The Founding Fathers were presciently apprehensive about the potential abuse of power found in the emerging nation states of Europe. They wisely chose to include some of the aspects of the Swiss canton system. In the Swiss model, individual, semi-sovereign states were incorporated into a confederacy. In an age of religious [...]

17 12, 2006

Truehistory 085

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Interview With General N.B. Forrest Below is an excerpt from " INTERVIEW WITH GENERAL N.B. FORREST Printed in the Cincinnati Commercial, August 28, 1868. The excerpt, and the whole file I sent you, comes from the book, ""Invisible Empire" ""The Story of the KuKluxKlan 1866-1871"" written by Stanley F. Horn in 1939 from The Riverside Press. The interviewer is not identified by name. I present this to you as a possible primary [...]

15 12, 2006

Hkedgerton 123

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Back to the main articles page      The Discovery Channels Presentation of The Road To Freedom I watched this mornings supposedly historically accurate depiction of the road to freedom for Blacks in the South after the War Between The States. The sum total of its merits was; another Northern biased Reconstruction moment to divide Black and White folks in the South by not giving anything but biased information; and nothing was more incredible [...]

13 12, 2006

News 114

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Jackson a Rebel leader worthy of song By Peter Cliffe SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES December 9, 2006 Stonewall Jackson may not have been the easiest man to like, but even the Union troops, who certainly had no reason to love him, admired his prowess as a warrior and a leader of men. He lacked Robert E. Lee's sartorial elegance and was not a compassionate man, but he was an adversary to [...]

13 12, 2006

News 113

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Jefferson Davis by Charley Reese Jefferson Davis, one of America's greatest statesmen, said that a question settled by violence would inevitably arise again, though at a different time and in a different form. And so it has. Lovers and sycophants of the great empire on the Potomac must be feeling uneasy that at least some Americans are again questioning the efficacy of a gargantuan central government. Perhaps the recent shift of control [...]

13 12, 2006

News 112

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The exploits of woman who spied for the Confederates By Rosita Smith Palo Verde Valley Library She was born into an influential, slave-holding, Southern family. She moved, as a young woman, to Washington, D.C. where she established herself as one of the capital's most charming and influential socialites, an intimate of John C. Calhoun, James Buchanan and Dolley Madison. She married well, bore eight children, and buried five. At the height of [...]

13 12, 2006

News 111

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Another Way to Fight Back--Just Sue 'Em! Al Benson Jr. As the promotion of cultural genocide continues in government schools throughout the South, some families seem to have found a new way to fight back--lawsuits against the government school entities that seem to be promoting and upholding the attempts to destroy Southern culture for the next generation. A couple cases I recently read about come to mind. Tom DeFoe, a senior at [...]

12 12, 2006

Hkedgerton 122

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Letter / The Teaching Of Hate Several nights ago, Anderson Cooper sat interviewing Al Sharpton as they both watched a tape speech Sharpton delivered before a predominantly Black audience. This speech was on forty acres and a mule. Sharpton touted how Black folks were still waiting on not only their forty acres, but had to be content on riding a donkey this far in [...]

11 12, 2006

News 109

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Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Twisted Definition of 'Hate' by Matthew Vadum Posted Dec 11, 2006 The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has one key message: The nation is boiling over with hatred and intolerance. Decades after the civil rights movement forever changed America and despite the enactment of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and the imposition of affirmative action, American race relations are always worse today than in [...]

11 12, 2006

News 106

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Find something else to protest Tenacious E Evan Barker Issue date: 12/6/06 The brouhaha surrounding Forrest Hall has gone too far. I confess, originally, I predicted that the debate would be lukewarm and short-lived, but I did not account for two factors: MTSU's location in the South, and the power of stupid people in large groups. Be that as it may, it is high time we made something productive out of this [...]