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27 02, 2007

News 228

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Discrediting and Disgracing Dixie By: Joe Murray, The Bulletin 02/23/2007 To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots," opined Alexander Solzhenitzyn. With close to five decades passing since the Woodstock warriors overran America's societal institutions and declared a war against tradition, it appears the flower power foot soldiers had Solzhenitzyn in mind when they did to American history what Sherman did to Atlanta. A nation, though, is a funny thing. [...]

26 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 150

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Back to the main articles page      Press Conference Message - Lexington, Kentucky Approximately two weeks ago, I would travel to Lexington, Kentucky where I was to deliver a speech to the students at Allen Central High School. However, after arriving there I was informed by the press at a press conference held across from the newspaper office of the Lexington Herald that I had been banned from delivering said speech by Floyd [...]

25 02, 2007

News 226

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Center Of Attention By Joy E. Cressler/Staff Writer Feb 21, 2007 The parents of the two girls who brought Confederate flag purses to school filed a federal lawsuit Feb. 9 against Burleson High School Principal Paul Cash and the Burleson ISD school board, asking the court to force the school to let them carry the purses on campus. Kirk Lyons, an attorney with Southern Legal Resource Center in Black Mountain, N.C., filed [...]

21 02, 2007

News 225

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Hillary Clinton Finds the South Too Southern by Mac Johnson, 2/21/07 Well, it must be campaign time again because the Democrat presidential “hopefuls” have finally found a war they are willing to support publicly. No, not Iraq or Afghanistan, or even the First Gulf War, Panama, Grenada, Vietnam, or Korea (taking a position on any of those is much too safe.) Instead, the resolute blue state warriors have decided to publicly reiterate [...]

21 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 149

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Back to the main articles page      A Request for a criminal and civil investigation From: To: Dear Attorney General Smith, This letter is intended as a request to your office to investigate the actions of a one Ned Pillersdorf , a volunteer basketball coach at a private school (David) in Floyd County, Kentucky , and all others that were complicit in actions to incite a volatile environment between the Black [...]

20 02, 2007

News 224

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Interview with Kraig McNutt about financing the Civil War CWG: When did the Federal income tax on personal income begin? The Federal income tax on personal income began during the Civil War in 1861 during Abraham Lincoln’s administration. It violated the Constitution and was struck down at war’s end. CWG: What percent in Federal tax revenue did Confederate states account for just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War (circa 1860)? [...]

20 02, 2007

News 223

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Nights In White "Cotton" Shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit our area, three fellas from Orlando, Florida arrived at my farm to deliver a generator and some fuel. The generator had been donated by a friend, Tom Moore, of Virginia. Tom had no way to get it to us so he phoned Michael Hill at the League of the South to see if there were any members of his organization that could assist. [...]

20 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 148

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Back to the main articles page      The true story of the Allen Central Game: an open report Yesterday, February 19, 2007, I asked my brother in arms Roger McCredie, who is the Executive Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center, to help me put together a demand to the attorney general of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for a criminal and civil investigation into the actions of Mr.. Ned Pillersdorf, a volunteer basketball [...]

20 02, 2007

News 222

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More Than 10,000 Jews Fought For The Confederacy By Thomas C. Mandes Special to the Washington Times The term "Johnny Reb" evokes an image of a white soldier, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant and from an agrarian background. Many Southern soldiers, however, did not fit this mold. A number of ethnic backgrounds were represented during the conflict. For example, thousands of black Americans fought as Johnny Rebs. Dr. Lewis Steiner of the U.S. Sanitary [...]

19 02, 2007

News 219

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War Crimes Against Southern Civilians From: War Crimes Against Southern Civilians I can't help but laugh every time I hear the word "reconstruction" used in association with Iraq. What makes them think they can "reconstruct" Iraq? They've been trying to do to the South for over 140 years and it ain’t worked yet. "The sobering and brutal consequences of the Civil War off the battlefield are revealed in this examination [...]