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19 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 147

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Back to the main articles page      Black History Month / An Open Report On Friday morning, February 16, 2007, I would once again adorn the uniform of the Southern Soldier, pick up his glorious banner, and spend some two hours in the morning chill at the corner of Main street in the beautiful downtown of Black Mountain, North Carolina. I would later travel to the campus of Montreat College, where I would [...]

19 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 146

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Back to the main articles page      Why Doesn't the Southeast Missourian Want you to Know about This Man? Saturday, February 17th 2007 Readers of the Missouri Bushwhacker Blog and those in the Southern Movement already know about Mr. Edgerton, but this is exactly the reason why I submitted an Opinion-Editorial to the Southeast Missourian newspaper about him recently. While people in the Southern Movement know about H.K. Edgerton, there are many more [...]

15 02, 2007

News 218

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Everyone's heritage should be respected February 15. 2007 Thank you to the Sons of the Confederacy for representing both our state's history as well as my ancestors'. With so many other specialty tags out there, it is about time that someone took the initiative to do this. There is so much more to the Confederate States of America's history that is largely forgotten, ignored, or misrepresented by today's scholars and historians. The [...]

15 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 145

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Back to the main articles page      Charitable Donation Today I shall adorn once again the Confederate Gray of the Southern Soldier, pick up his glorious banner, and continue our Black History celebrations at the Campus of the University of North Carolina, Asheville. Please send us a charitable donation .

15 02, 2007

News 217

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Flag Fight Already Costing Blount Residents $50,000 February 14, 2007 Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - The battle over the Confederate Flag in Blount County has only just begun, but already the legal bills that ultimately, you the taxpayer will pay, are adding up. Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has obtained a copy of the bill that continues to add up. The original lawsuit over the flag, filed against the Blount County [...]

15 02, 2007

News 216

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Is the SPLC only about money? Tuesday, February 13, 2007 To the Editor: The hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center is only more obnoxious than the fact they only go after hate crimes that are profitable. The SPLC cares nothing for minorities and victims of hate crimes, and they care only about profit. I contacted the SPLC the first time to report that after I had posed for a photograph of [...]

15 02, 2007

News 215

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The Rise of Militant Christophobia Tradition Under Fire from Left-Wing Extremists Michael J. Matt Editor, The Remnant (Posted February 8, 2007 My telephone rang one afternoon last fall. The caller identified herself as Rhonda Brownstein—a lawyer with the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that monitors hate groups in America and was conducting an “investigation” of the traditional Catholic movement in the United States. I had only vague familiarity with the [...]

15 02, 2007

News 214

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Ron Paul for President in 2008 Tuesday, February 13, 2007 Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 14th district In office 1976-1977; 1979-1985; 1997-present TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM NOW! Vote for Congressman RON PAUL for President in 2008 !!! Let's have someone who supports the people & the US Constitution for a change! Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul (born 20 August 1935) is an American physician and politician from the U.S. [...]

14 02, 2007

Hkedgerton 144

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Back to the main articles page      Confederate Flag Touches Off Controversy At Farmington High School Created: 1/26/2007 (KSDK) - Bryce Archambo's supporters spoke out on his behalf Friday night across the street from Farmington High School. On Sept. 27, Bryce, 14, was sent to the school office because of his attire, the day after he was told not to wear a hat displaying the confederate flag. "I had a hat shirt and [...]

12 02, 2007

News 213

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The Stonewall Procession - A Historic Re-Enactment May 12, 2007 CLICK HERE to read "Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson from Chancellorsville to Lynchburg and Lexington" CLICK HERE to view pictures