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30 03, 2007

Truehistory 096

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MY EXPERIENCE In the Confederate Army and in Northern Prisons WRITTEN FROM MEMORY BY JOHN R. KING ======= STONEWELL JACKSON CHAPTER No. 1333 UNITED DAUGHTERS OF CONFEDERACY CLARKSBURG, W. VA. __________ Copyrighted 1917 (Reprinted 1994 by great-granddaughter of John R. King, Martha Stump Benson, (Address and phone on file, e-mail provided above) PREFACE I want to explain why I am writing this little sketch. In the first place I have never seen [...]

30 03, 2007

Hkedgerton 161

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Back to the main articles page      Allen Central High School Dear Ms. Lunnel, I have learned to trust my feelings, and have acted in kind to them. However, as much as I did not want to go to Atlanta to the NASCAR race; I could not refuse Grayson Jennings (Fire Eater # 1) , because I knew just how long and hard he had been working to bring this stand to fruition, [...]

30 03, 2007

News 290

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Kesting takes heat for Confederate History Month proclamation Thursday, March 29, 2007 By Amanda Casciaro Marietta Daily Journal Staff Writer MARIETTA - A proclamation Cobb Commissioner Annette Kesting presented to the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans on Tuesday has sparked mixed reactions from south Cobb residents. The board's sole black representative said Wednesday she's not sure why the proclamation, which honors those who served in the Confederate states and encourages public [...]

30 03, 2007

News 289

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Black Mississippi Legislator Defends Confederate Monument Confederate Heritage Month Minute By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. Black Mississippi Legislator Defends Confederate Monument In Mississippi on February 1, 1890, an appropriation for a monument to the Confederate dead was being considered. A delegate had just spoken against the bill, when John F. Harris, a Black Republican delegate from Washington, county, rose to speak: "Mr. Speaker! I have risen in my place to offer a [...]

30 03, 2007

News 288

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Brogan won't amend art exhibit Confederate-flag art has drawn harsh critics By Mark Hinson DEMOCRAT SENIOR WRITER During a lively and sometimes emotional board meeting Monday, the Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science declined to add a "historical timeline about the Confederate flag" to be shown along with controversial Confederate-flag art by conceptual artist John Sims. Sims' artworks - which include a 13-foot-tall wooden gallows titled "The Proper Way to Hang [...]

30 03, 2007

News 287

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To Pledge or Not To Pledge? Is the Pledge of Allegiance a Show of Patriotism, or an endorsement of socialism by an indoctrinated public? By: Clint E. Lacy Most of us know the Pledge of Allegiance by heart but few know the true history of the Pledge of Allegiance. The reason that the public knows the pledge is that most of us learned to recite it in our early childhood during our [...]

29 03, 2007

Truehistory 095

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THE RAPE OF ATHENS, ALABAMA In the middle of April 1862, the 18th Ohio under Turchin's command occupied Athens, Alabama, a prosperous town of about 1200 population. On May 1, however, they were driven out by a combined regular and partisan Confederate cavalry force of only 112 men and retreated back to Huntsville. The Confederate cavalry was greeted with cheers and waving handkerchiefs by the citizens in the streets. Reports indicate that [...]

28 03, 2007

Truehistory 094

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Facts About Slavery And The War For Southern Independence No other place of origin evokes such strong reactions and prejudices as the word “Southern”. It is all the more amazing when one considers the manner in which the early Republic was shaped and dominated by Southerners. Jefferson was the intellectual and spiritual architect of the Declaration and as the third President acquired the vast Louisiana Territory staking an early claim as far [...]

28 03, 2007

News 286

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Ron Paul For President Diverse groups should support him, because he supports the Constitution. by James Leroy Wilson March 22, 2007 Peaceniks have found their Presidential candidate. His name is Ron Paul. The "get the U.S. out of the U.N" crowd and opponents of the New World Order have found their candidate. His name is Ron Paul. Those who want to reform our drug laws have found candidate who will not just [...]

28 03, 2007

News 284

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Lexington, Va. War Against Confederate Heritage From: My mother's family is from Rockbridge County and I have visited many times. I have to tell you that the main reason I bring my friends and family to Lexington is to visit all things Confederate, from Lee Chapel to Stonewall Jackson's grave site. My roots are deep in Virginia's history from Jamestown, the American Revolution, and the War Between the States. Yes, [...]