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28 03, 2007

News 283

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Dr. No for president Sunday, March 25, 2007 People ask me who I'm supporting for president in 2008. That's easy. As always, I'm supporting the guy who doesn't have a chance in hell of winning. That would be Ron Paul. Paul is a Republican congressman from Texas. He is noteworthy for being the only member of Congress from either party who actually believes the words in the Constitution have meaning. He therefore [...]

26 03, 2007

Hkedgerton 160

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Back to the main articles page      Allen Central High School The tragedy at the school board meeting in Floyd County, Kentucky is that all the people who have a say in this discourse had no voice. Unfortunately the Black community did a lot of finger pointing at the Judaea /Christian White Folk Community in Floyd County, Kentucky, and forgot to look in the mirror, or just plain didn't know how to look. [...]

26 03, 2007

News 282

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SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER SUES SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER Jerry Salyer For INN Thu Mar 22, MONTGOMERY, Alabama In a daring move Morris Dees, long-time director of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), announced yesterday that he intends to bring a lawsuit against himself and his organization so as to “compel removal of the blatantly racist term, ‘Southern’” from the organization’s title. The stage is now set for a show-down. “It’ll be [...]

26 03, 2007

News 281

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Reclaiming American Liberty Message from Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy My Fellow Citizens, I hope by now you have heard about the Walter D. Kennedy G.O.P. Presidential Exploratory Committee. More than anyone else, I want you to understand what this is all about and that is why I am sending you this e-mail. Many years before Ron and I wrote The South Was Right, we often talked about why the South is treated [...]

26 03, 2007

News 280

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ALLEN CENTRAL HIGH: STAND UP FOR SOMETHING! Once again we are e-mailing everyone on the Alumni list to ask for each and every persons support in the Allen Central Flag issue. Even after the students voted to keep the flag and we have repeatedly proven the large support by the local people of the ACHS flag, there are still those hell-bent on ripping it from the schools flagpole. There are those that [...]

26 03, 2007

News 279

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Civil War was about more than slavery Darrell Huckaby So now we have a full-blown brouhaha brewing in the General Assembly over a proposal by Georgia state Sen. Jeff Mullis to set the month of April aside as Confederate History and Heritage Month. Holy 1950s, Batman! Now when I first heard about Senator Mullis’ proposal my very first thought was, “Good luck with that.” Honesty compels me to admit that I thought [...]

26 03, 2007

News 278

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Lies & Myth regurgitated at UGA Commentary by Steve Scroggins Journalism student editors of the Red and Black are suffering from severe deficiencies in knowledge, specifically with respect to American history. Included below are several recent editorials published in the Red and Black, the independent student newspaper of the University of Georgia. This rebuttal will point out some obvious fallacies and refer to other material (mostly links) recently written and published, which [...]

26 03, 2007

News 277

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Virginia to fund Museum of the Confederacy By Seth McLaughlin THE WASHINGTON TIMES March 22, 2007 Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine says he will approve a $400,000 amendment that would fund the cash-strapped Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, ending its recent struggle to secure state assistance. The cash infusion will help cover the museum's 2007-08 general operating budget, which includes staffing. The annual price tag to run the museum is estimated [...]

21 03, 2007

Hkedgerton 159

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Back to the main articles page      Thanks For The Very Kind Words Of Support Dear Gerald, God bless you Sir, and thanks for the very kind words of support. My creature comforts are so very low. All I have ever wanted to do was to respond to my Southern family, especially my babies when they call out for help. In so many instances they know that they are behind the eight ball, [...]

21 03, 2007

Hkedgerton 158

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Report NASCAR / An Open Apology / Theft On Friday March 15, 2007 Grayson Jennings (Fire Eater # 1) would travel from Richmond, Virginia to the offices of the Southern Legal Resource Center to pick me up and head to Hampton, Georgia where we would began yet another battle in the fight for Southern vindication. This time our battle would be with NASCAR who [...]