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21 03, 2007

News 272

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From villain to saint By: Brett King The Declaration of Independence lists the "train of abuses" committed by the British government that led the colonists to seek independence. Less than 100 years later, President Abraham Lincoln committed most, if not all, of those abuses. On Monday we marked 198 years since Lincoln's birth. But what has been left out of the history books is that "Honest Abe" started an unjust war of [...]

21 03, 2007

News 269

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Sen. Mullis explains his Confederate Heritage Month proposal 03/19/07 Sen. Jeff Mullis Each year, during the 40-day legislative session, we introduce hundreds of pieces of legislation. Some of them get through the process and are debated by both houses of the legislature. Of those, many make it to the Governor’s desk for his signature, but some do not. Some legislation is introduced for the greater good of our state, while other pieces [...]

21 03, 2007

News 274

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Re: Confederate heritage? Forget it From: To: Thought y'all might enjoy reading the letter I sent to David McNaughton, the yankee (or scalawag) that wrote the confederate heritage piece in the Atlanta Journal anti-constitution Sir, I must take offense at your editorial on Georgia’s proposed confederate heritage month. You are either not aware of certain facts or you have let bias interfere with our journalism. You said "reminding everyone [...]

21 03, 2007

News 273

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Esteemed Sir... From: To: ...after reading your brief piece, "Confederate heritage? Forget it," I find it entertaining that so much muddled history could be placed in so few words. I would include ALL of the proper factual historical references, but I am not certain you have the patience to actually read them since they disagree with you. You wrote, "The senator's bill would do all of Georgia a service by [...]

21 03, 2007

News 271

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Issues of race in South fading away Time, social changes have softened lines between black/white history By The Economist March 19, 2007 Until recently, Edgar Ray Killen, a retired Baptist preacher, sat each day in a cafe in the center of Philadelphia, Miss. None of the young folk paid him much heed, but the older ones knew who he was. Back in 1964, as head of the local Ku Klux Klan, Killen [...]

21 03, 2007

News 270

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Eric Johnson, architech of heritage destruction Commentary by Randy Phillips For a number of years, Governors in Georgia and some other Southern States have proclaimed April as Confederate History and Heritage Month at the request of Southern Heritage groups, but it is a voluntary action, not a law. Last Summer, the Georgia Heritage Council and a few others met and decided we needed to enact Confederate Heritage and History Month into law. [...]

21 03, 2007

News 268

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The Truth about the NAACP and Slavery Apologies by J. A. Davis Our phones and messages have been taxed to near capacity in the last few days since it has been announced that some sort of deal has been made between President Pro Tem Eric Johnson, (R) of the Georgia Senate, and Representative Al Williams (D) in the House, to compromise a totally unrelated and non-germane bill, SB 283, on Confederate History [...]

19 03, 2007

News 267

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Apologies...Let's be clear by J. A. Davis Now comes the news that another of those behind the scenes manipulations has taken place in the Georgia Capitol. At least the participants have thrown up a trial balloon to at least partially test the public waters on their conniving schemes. Let's be clear. This is a public lynching of a perfectly well intentioned legislative act to establish April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. [...]

19 03, 2007

News 265

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Slavery, Apologies & Duty Commentary by Steve Scroggins In a recent column on absurd slavery apologies, I attempted to make the case that such silly and insulting activities should not get serious consideration and should be roundly rejected as absurd. After further reflection, I've changed my mind. Some slavery apologies are due. But not the one the race-hustlers want. A convincing case has been made that Americans live under tax slavery. According [...]

19 03, 2007

News 264

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W.Va. should apologize for past role in slavery OPINION | Friday, March, 16, 2007 There was a news story recently from the Virginia General Assembly expressing "profound regret" for the state's role in slavery. The announcement was made in Richmond, Va., at the former Confederate Capitol. Since West Virginia was part of the state of Virginia, should our state also make the same apology? While researching my family history at the Mason [...]