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19 04, 2007

News 304

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Why We Still Revere our Ancestors My speech to the Gainesville Kiwanis Club on Confederate History & Heritage Month By Lewis Regenstein 10 April, 2007 Thank you, I am honored to be here today with the Gainesville Kiwanis Club, and to speak before such a distinguished group, on the occasion of Confederate History and Heritage Month. The observance of this month has generated some controversy and misunderstanding, and I’d like to explain [...]

19 04, 2007

News 303

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SLRC demands that a Blount County high school drop its ban on the display of Confederate symbols The Southern Legal Resource Center has demanded that a Blount County high school drop its ban on the display of Confederate symbols by its students, or face a lawsuit similar to one now under way against the other high school in the county. In a letter sent Friday to Heritage High School Principal Patty Mandigo, [...]

19 04, 2007

News 302

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Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc. Challenges Jay Leno Remarks ELM SPRINGS, Tenn. - Apr. 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- The Sons of Confederate Veterans, one of the oldest veterans organizations in the United States, have publicly challenged NBC's "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno over comments he recently made on the program. In his monologue to open the April 10, 2007 'Tonight Show," Leno stated in reference to Don Imus, the talk radio host [...]

19 04, 2007

News 301

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White Co. kicks off 150th birthday celebration By Jerry Gunn CLEVELAND - White countians began celebrating their 150-year-old heritage Saturday in Cleveland with a look back to the days of the American Civil War. Confederate History and Heritage day was the first event of the White County Sesquicentennial Celebration. "Every year we're seeing more and more proclamations across the state and across the south," said Greg Pettit with the Cleveland Sons of [...]

13 04, 2007

News 300

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'Southern Heritage' backers support flag challenge By Ed Farrell Staff Writer Dewey Barber’s first response to hearing that one of his Dixie Outfitter shirts was at the heart of a skirmish with a local school board was to chuckle. Contacted Friday morning at his office in Georgia, Barber told the Independent that his popular line of shirts, all of which, he said, are designed to “celebrate Southern heritage,” have frequently run afoul [...]

13 04, 2007

News 299

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School board threatened over Confederate flag ban Mother says child has right to celebrate 'Southern heritage' By Ed Farrell Staff Writer Nearly a century and a half after the conclusion of the Civil War, a Henderson woman is ready to launch an all-out assault against the Chester County Board of Education over a rule banning the wearing of the Confederate battle flag. On three different occasions, Linda Strong’s daughter, Kayla, a 15-year-old [...]

13 04, 2007

Hkedgerton 163

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Back to the main articles page      NASCAR Confederate Flag Dear Mike, I have one of the infamous Grayson Jennings NASCAR Confederate Flags for you. I look very much forward to my upcoming speech in Cleveland, Ga.this Saturday. I understand that some very influential people from that community will be there. I shall deliver to them some of your mighty fine books. I am also looking forward to my coming out speech in [...]

11 04, 2007

Hkedgerton 162

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Letter To Joe Dear Joe, God bless you and both of my dear Jennifer's , and Terry Lee sends the same. I never did get a copy of Terri's story of our visit to Cross City. Terry Lee and I talk often of our visit there. We truly believe that you and your Camps celebration of Black History Month, set the stage for what [...]

11 04, 2007

Black Confederates 059

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Remembering Black Confederates Wednesday, April 11, 2007 ELIZABETH JOHNSTON / A View from the Valley Since April is Confederate History Month, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a much overlooked part of the history of the Confederacy — that of the service of black Southerners, both slave and free, in the Confederate army. Of course, loyalty to the South was by no means uniform; an estimated 500,000 blacks came into [...]

11 04, 2007

News 298

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Confederacy is integral to southern, Black history April 11, 2007 William P. Jolly Jr. Shreveport As I read the April 3 Times, I encountered numerous earth-shattering articles ranging in topic from parking violations, DWI arrests, organ donors and educational excellence. Timely and important? Yes, but so is the time, temperature and the local weather forecast. Has every topic that could generate controversy, heated debate or serious intellectual exercise gone by the way [...]