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30 06, 2007

Hkedgerton 182

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Reply / League of The South / Republican Party Education Committee Dear Jason, Several years back I was issued a criminal trespass citation warning from the University of Texas police as I stood with the Southern Cross giving a hand salute before the monument of the Honorable President Jefferson Davis. At that very moment I had been trying to figure out where I was [...]

30 06, 2007

News 366

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Civil War Monument Could Spark Political Battle 06/27/07 A tribute to history for some can be a bitter reminder of pain for others. An Appling County group that honors their civil war ancestors wants to put a monument in the middle of town. Check out courthouse squares around the South and you'll probably see a similar theme of monuments; a lone confederate soldier facing his homeland. A proposed monument in Baxley has [...]

30 06, 2007

News 365

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Editorial: Should Southern Christians sing this? By ROLAND MANN, Times Editor With the Fourth of July holiday creeping up on us, residents are beginning to anticipate the celebrations and annual festivities. Some things we do, we don’t know why… “we’ve just always done it that way.” Did you know, though, the city of Vicksburg, Miss., did not celebrate the fourth for over 80 years? S’true. July 4 is the day it surrendered [...]

30 06, 2007

News 364

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Time Capsule From the Sea Artifacts from the South's submarine are turning fable into fact By Andrew Curry Posted 6/24/07 In a war filled with amazing stories, the H. L. Hunley's is one of the standouts. An invention born of desperation, the Confederacy's secret weapon was the first submarine ever to sink an enemy warship. The craft was an example of tremendous creativity and engineering under tremendously difficult circumstances. The Hunley is [...]

30 06, 2007

News 363

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Confederate group wants to maintain cemetery By Ray Daudani, NBC12 News The Sons of Confederate Veterans says it would like to take over maintenance at Oakwood Cemetery, but it cannot get a go-ahead from the city. Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans say they will do the maintenance, they’ll pay for it out of their own funds and the city can keep the title. It’s just the sort of deal Mayor [...]

30 06, 2007

News 362

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Confederate history recalled By Stephen Milligan The Walton Tribune Published June 27, 2007 MONROE — A century and a half after Appomattox, the lawn of the Walton County Historic Courthouse was filled with gray uniforms and flags waving the stars and bars as the Sons of Confederate Veterans celebrated the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Confederate Monument. The re-dedication ceremony saw re-enactors with rifles and cannons celebrating the men of [...]

30 06, 2007

News 361

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Why is the South Villified? By Robert Stacy McCain September 1997 Part of our continuing "What We Are Up Against" Series Why has the South in recent years been vilified and stigmatized by our nation's cultural and political elites? Why have so many of the South's newspapers begun clamoring to ban the Confederate flag and remove Confederate monuments from public display? Loyal Southerners have every right to be mystified by this vicious [...]

26 06, 2007

Hkedgerton 181

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Back to the main articles page      Invitation to GOP executive Committee meeting on June 25 / Yesterday An Open Letter Yesterday June 25, 2007, I would invite my little brother Terry Lee out to lunch with the primary intent to convince him to once again join me on my proposed trek on the Re-union March Across Dixie and to complete the March Across Virginia to the White House. I knew that it [...]

26 06, 2007

Hkedgerton 180

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Back to the main articles page      Nathan Bedford Forrest Childhood Home Living History Re-enactment /An Open Report On Friday , June 22, 2007, at the invitation of Commander Jim Maddox and State Lt.Commander Mike Beck of the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I would travel over the mountains and join them on Saturday morning at the Living History Re-enactment on the beautiful grounds of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford [...]

24 06, 2007

Hkedgerton 179

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Letter / Bravery / Thanks Dear Katelynn, I have racked my mind in search of the proper words that would express first of all my deepest regrets for all the trouble and pure madness that you have had to endure for being in the ranks of the bravest women in the entire world ; a Southern woman. You can rest assure that no matter [...]