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28 08, 2007

News 388

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Lincoln statue group loses tax status Historical Society taken off IRS list of tax-exempt groups Friday, Aug 24, 2007 By WILL JONES TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER The company that donated the bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond has lost its tax-exempt status. The United States Historical Society was removed this week from the Internal Revenue Service's list of organizations eligible to receive tax-free contributions. An IRS spokesman said he could not disclose [...]

28 08, 2007

Truehistory 104

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Lincoln Tries To Fool The Danes From: Avid students of the War Between the States are aware of Lincoln's long-standing desire to colonize blacks outside the United States, but Honest Abe had another scheme in mid-1862 that would allow him a way to get them out of the country. The black slaves would cause strife in the Northern States where they were not wanted (and in many cases those States had [...]

24 08, 2007

News 387

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Black Confederates and the SCV Vernon Fueston of the Elizabeth City (NC) Daily Advance reports today on a recent meeting of the Col. W.F. Martin camp #1521, North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. The meeting's topic, black Confederates, is "controversial" and "likely to raise an eyebrow," according to Fueston, because the existence of black Confederates is supported only by "scraps of historical information." To support his claim, Fueston quotes Thomas Clark, [...]

23 08, 2007

News 386

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SAILOR CAN KEEP HIS CBF TATTOO, THANKS TO SLRC ADVICE A sailor who had been told to remove a Confederate flag tattoo or resign from the U.S. Navy won't have to make that choice due to information and advice he received from the SLRC. Machinists Mate First Class Walter Blackburn, who is stationed at Newport News, Virginia, contacted the SLRC in early August seeking advice as to how to save his eight-year [...]

22 08, 2007

Hkedgerton 198

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Back to the main articles page      Thanks / An Open Letter From: H.K. Edgerton [] Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 9:44 AM To: '' Dear Joe, I am so very glad that you and the men of Florida are given special attention to little Katelyn Skillas. I only wish that Terry Lee and I could be at your September meeting to give her a big hug for making an honorable stand in [...]

22 08, 2007

News 385

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Re-enactors defend flag use They said they use the Confederate battle flag only to be true to history. By SEAN HILLIARD For the Daily Record/Sunday News Article Launched: 08/20/2007 Aug 20, 2007 — The Confederate flag represents different things to different people. For the 200 re-enactors at this weekend's Battle of Hanover, the Stars and Bars is a threatened piece of history. "It's a battle flag and a battle flag only," said [...]

22 08, 2007

News 384

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The Truth About Sherman's March Lewis Regenstein Guest Columnist The Aug. 3 "Point/Counterpoint" articles by Dan Israel and Scott Sherris describe the infamous "March to the Sea" by Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, one of history's great war criminals. But those articles haardly touch the surface in conveying the extent of suffering caused to Southern civilians, the starving, homeless families left in Sherman's wake, and the cruelty of the invading army toward [...]

20 08, 2007

Hkedgerton 197

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Back to the main articles page      Christian Cross of St. Andrew On Friday August 17, 2007, I would pick up the Christian Cross of St.Andrew and station myself on the overpass at the junction of Interstate 240 West / Interstate 40 West / and Interstate 26 West to Spartanburg , South Carolina. My continued thought on this day as I waved and listened to the continuous honking of the cars, bus, trucks [...]

14 08, 2007

Hkedgerton 195

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Back to the main articles page      H.K. Dear Brother Chad, I believe everything is possible in this re-union since we will be only marching at 5 mile intervals. It will all depend upon securing resources for Terry Lee and I to move about and secure lodging. We may have to back track to some places to facilitate the four day interval of coming into Logansport. I think it would be great to [...]