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31 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 210

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Back to the main articles page      H.K. Edgerton From: Date: October 30, 2007 Gentlemen: I attach photos taken yesterday during HK's 5-mile walk through Roswell, GA. After the walk, we visited the Bulloch Hall Mansion (birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt's mother, where we encountered a tour-group of sightseers and HK spoke to them for a few minutes; then we went to the Roswell Visitors Bureau; then to The Southern Skillet Restaurant for [...]

31 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 209

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Back to the main articles page      DIXIE LUMBER Thank you for gracing us again with your presence. I have attached the picture we took in front of our store. We appreciate what you do and wish you the best. God bless. Parker Lawton Dixie Lumber Co.

23 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 208

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Report / The Re-Union Begins As I stood taking pictures for the local newspaper ( the Asheville Citizen Times ) alongside those who had come to see me off on Saturday morning, October 20, 2007 , for the commencement of the Re-Union March of the Historic March Across Dixie March ; I could not help but to reflect on the time I had spent [...]

23 10, 2007

News 413

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Nathan Bedford Forrest gets a bad rap Date published: 9/9/2007 KENNESAW, Ga.--Is the history of our great nation important to you? Union Gen. William T. Sherman said of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, "After all, I think Forrest as the most remarkable man our 'Civil War' produced on either side." This came from a man who was once a foe of Forrest on the field of battle. Why do some folks attack [...]

20 10, 2007

News 412

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BLACK SOUTHERN HERITAGE ACVITIST TO RETRACE HISTORIC MARCH For immediate release ASHEVILLE, NC – H. K. Edgerton, prominent Southern Heritage activist and former NAACP officer who gained international attention in 2002 with his “March Across Dixie,” will leave Asheville Saturday morning on a two-month-long reenactment of his historic pilgrimage.             In October of 2002, Edgerton left Asheville’s Pack Square and walked 1,600 miles to Austin, Texas, carrying a Confederate flag.  His final destination was the Texas State Supreme [...]

19 10, 2007

News 411

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The Confederate Flag Causes Controversy at the Golden Corral From: To: In checking your website today, I read the on-line article entitled "The Confederate Flag Causes Controversy at the Golden Corral", and I feel a need to make an observation regarding the article generally, but more specifically, the absurd comment by customer Angel Mendez:  "I found it to be very offensive. This is not something that should be done [...]

19 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 207

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Back to the main articles page      Perry of Texas As I make my final preparations for Saturday morning, October 20, 2007 to began a RE-union March of the Historic March Across Dixie to the Republic of Texas , I am not surprised to see the one man in Texas ( Rick Perry ) other than George W. Bush himself, who was most responsible for removing the Confederate Seal and the Honorable Robert E. Lee's testimonial plaque to the men of [...]

18 10, 2007

News 410

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BEATING UP ON THE CONFEDERACY Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Do Only the Feelings of Blacks Count? by Elizabeth Wright, editor, Issues & Views, quarterly of alternative black opinion On April 9, 1998, Virginia's Governor James Gilmore proclaimed April as Confederate History Month. This action immediately drew angry protests from the blacks who, each year, organize to prevent just such a proclamation. King Salim Khalfani, of the NAACP's Virginia State Conference, claimed that [...]

15 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 206

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Back to the main articles page      March Across Dixie Reunion Agenda March Across Dixie Re-Union Agenda / October 12, 2007   October 20--- Leave Vance Monument ( Downtown Asheville ) 8:00 AM to Biltmore Village   October 20---Start 5 miles from Hendersonville, Hwy 25 ( 10:30 AM )  End Old Courthouse, Downtown Hendersonville, N.C.   October 22---Start 5 miles from Dixie Outpost Hwy 25 ( 9:00 AM )     End at Dixie OutPost, [...]

15 10, 2007

News 409

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Georgia Delegation Attends Secession Convention in Chattanooga Georgia League of the South P.O. Box 1263 McDonough, GA 30253 404.271.8473 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ray McBerry Web: Email: Phone: 404.271.8473 On October 3 & 4, the Second North American Secession Convention was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee to discuss the practical use of "secession" as a remedy for the unconstitutional encroachments of the out of control and increasingly corrupt federal government upon [...]