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15 10, 2007

News 408

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SLRC TO REPRESENT FIRED TENNESEE EMPLOYEE The Southern Legal Resource Center eU P D A T E Thursday, October 11, 2007 MEMPHIS, TN – A counselor at a Memphis psychiatric hospital who was abruptly fired for refusing to remove Confederate license tags from his vehicle has retained the SLRC to act in a damages suit against his employer.             Paul McClaren had been a counselor at Compass Intervention Center, a residential treatment [...]

12 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 205

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Back to the main articles page      March Across Dixie Reunion / Student Interview The final posting of the Re-Union March Across Dixie Schedule has been delayed until Friday , October 12, 2007 .   Yesterday, October 10, 2007, adorned in the uniform of the Southern Soldier, brandishing his glorious flag , at the request of a young man and student, by the name of Guy, I had granted a taped interview in the [...]

11 10, 2007

News 407

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FAQ on Ron Paul by Bob Murphy In the interest of providing a one-stop introduction to Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy, I offer the following list of Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Who’s this Ron Paul guy I keep hearing about? A: Ron Paul is a 10th term U.S. Congressman from Texas. He held office from 1976–1977, then from 1979–1985, and then again from 1997 until the present. He ran for president on the [...]

11 10, 2007

News 405

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In defense of his Confederate pride Nelson Winbush is intent on defending the flag of his grandfather. It's just surprising which flag that is. By STEPHANIE GARRY, Times Staff Writer Published October 7, 2007 KISSIMMEE -- Nelson Winbush rotates a miniature flag holder he keeps on his mantel, imagining how the banners would appear in a Civil War battle. The Stars and Bars, he explains, looked too much like the Union flag [...]

10 10, 2007

News 404

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The Confederacy and the Confederate Battle Flag By Robert1961 - Posted on October 6th, 2007 The Confederacy was formed to defend it's land from an invading union army sent by the dictator Lincoln. Also Keep in mind that this man was certainly a dictator and not one of this countries greatest matter how you defend him. Lincoln, was never the president of the southland since the south had seceeded before he went into [...]

10 10, 2007

News 402

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Flaggers needed From: Georgia Flagger Date: October 5, 2007 Hi neighbor,   Just giving you an update on what is happening in Haralson County.   Last Friday night at the football game, controversy arose after Confederate Battle Flags were flown at the Haralson County game.   Haralson County Deputies started confiscating flags and it kind of got out of hand.   Several fans are mad.  School Board member and former Lt. Commander [...]

10 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 204

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Back to the main articles page      The Attack On The Edgerton Home Place On Saturday September 29, 2007 in the upscale neighborhood of the Montford community, unbeknownst to the father who was away on business, a birthday party for little Natasha Edgerton who would enter her teenage years would commence. Before the nights end , a group of thugs and children far older than Natasha would descend upon the Edgerton home ; uninvited, wreaking havoc and [...]

10 10, 2007

Hkedgerton 203

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Back to the main articles page      David "Mudcat Saunders An Open Letter Reply To Comments by Rick Jenkins, N.C. Vice Chair of the Buncombe County Republican Party / In the October 4, 2007 issue of the Asheville Citizen - Times, the Second Vice Chairman For Event Coordination , for the Buncombe County Republican Party , Mr.. Rick Jenkins wrote in an article titled: Mudslinger's presence at event is a shame for local Democrats. Mr.. Jenkins [...]

5 10, 2007

News 401

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U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear lawsuit against West Monroe Rebels October 3, 2007 By Barbara Leader Gannett News Service A conference of all nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition by a Monroe man to be heard before the full court in the case involving West Monroe High School’s rebel mascot. Ricky G. Minnifield filed an appeal with the Supreme Court regarding decisions made by the U.S. [...]

5 10, 2007

News 400

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Secessionists meeting in Tennessee By BILL POOVEY, Associated Press Writer Wed Oct 3 CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - In an unlikely marriage of desire to secede from the United States, two advocacy groups from opposite political traditions — New England and the South — are sitting down to talk. Tired of foreign wars and what they consider right-wing courts, the Middlebury Institute wants liberal states like Vermont to be able to secede peacefully. That [...]