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30 04, 2008

News 600

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Proud of Confederacy April 28, 2008 I read with much interest a recent letter "Racism in Benton." After reading and re-reading, I am still unable to see what you are calling racist. Is it the Confederate flag that offends you? Or is it Larry the Cable Guy that offends you? The Confederate flag represents an era of our history that we happen to be proud of. That flag does not represent slavery [...]

30 04, 2008

News 596

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Roz Bowie--A Black Woman pays tribute to an unknown Confederate Soldier Posted: Thursday, April 24th 2008 By Calvin Johnson Jr. Staff April is Confederate History Month and this is a Confederate History Month minute. Take me home to the place where I was born, on a early frosty morn, Sweet Dixie, Take me home. These words are from a LP recording by Mrs. Roz Bowie, an African-American woman, who made the recording [...]

29 04, 2008

News 589

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Black Man Supports Confederate Flag Amanda Shropshire April 26, 2008 He's become somewhat of a celebrity because of his love of a certain flag. H.K. Edgerton, a Black supporter of the Confederate flag came to Ringgold once again today to show support at a rally held in the flag's honor. He is back in Ringgold again today just in time to talk about a new developments in the battle for the flag. [...]