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24 06, 2008

News 700

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Subpoena Blitz Puts Heat On Al IRS SEEKS INFO FROM TOP DONORS By CHUCK BENNETT June 19, 2008 -- The probe into the Rev. Al Sharpton's finances intensified this week, with the IRS sending out a flurry of subpoenas to his most generous corporate donors, The Post has learned. Anheuser-Busch, the brewer of Budweiser and Michelob, confirmed yesterday that it received a federal subpoena in connection to its charitable giving to Sharpton's [...]

24 06, 2008

News 699

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Redneck: In defense of a word and a people Thursday, June 19, 2008 I'm both surprised and pleased at all the attention the mainstream media's focusing on Southern ethnicity these days. It reminds me of the resurgence of ethnic groups within what was supposed to be the united and assimilated Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in those artificial nations' latter days. Could this be a similar omen of what's happening within the DC [...]

24 06, 2008

News 695

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Monroe County group comes together to rededicate memorial Posted on Sun, Jun. 22, 2008 By Chuck Thompson FORSYTH -- Women in brightly colored hoop dresses and hats fluttered their hand fans and held parasols to shade themselves from the broiling sun. Men in gray and butternut uniforms simply sweated, standing at attention with rifles and flags or drums, fifes and bugles. Until their part of the program was finished. Then they sought [...]

12 06, 2008

News 692

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New CD's on "Reconstruction" Now at DixieBroadcasting! From: Date: June 11, 2008 Reconstruction The name given to the period immediately following the War during which the South was made to pay for its stand against federal tyranny. Every area of the South was attacked... its culture, history, economy, religion, political life, and society. Ultimately, however, the atheistic and marxist roots of Reconstruction were extended well beyond the geographical boundaries of Dixie, [...]

11 06, 2008

News 690

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Thin Gray Line: Confederate Veterans in the New South Unlike their Northern counterparts, the "Boys in Gray" came home to a devastated homeland and focused their energies on different causes. By Richard K. Kolb The South's losses in human wealth were pathetic. It was forced to skip almost a generation of young men, dead of disease, killed in battle, or wounded into economic incompetency...The wounded came back generally with the loss of [...]

11 06, 2008

News 688

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Statue of Jefferson Davis is proposed Confederate group seeks spot near Lincoln statue at Tredegar in Richmond Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008 By WILL JONES TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER A life-size statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis could stand with the one of Abraham Lincoln at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is offering to donate a bronze statue of Davis for placement at the National Historic Landmark site to [...]

9 06, 2008

News 686

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LONGSTREET OVERLOOKED Lee and Jackson remembered, but where is Longstreet? Date published: 6/7/2008 ALTHOUGH THE Civil War osten- sibly ended in 1865 when Southern armies surrendered, a group of officers from the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia continued to fight the war in print and in politics. Heroes such as J.E.B. Stuart and Stonewall Jackson had been killed during the war, and, by 1870, the venerated Robert E. Lee had passed. Lee's [...]

9 06, 2008

News 680

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School rejects rebel flag decoration on grad caps By Jim Warren Fri, Jun. 06, 2008 Two girls graduating from Wolfe County Middle School on Thursday night were not allowed to wear caps they had decorated with images of the Confederate battle flag. Wolfe County Schools spokesman Robert Scott Creech said the girls were told Thursday afternoon that they could not wear the caps to graduation because the middle school principal found the [...]

6 06, 2008

News 672

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Controversy, emotions run high at commission meeting Wednesday, 04 Jun 2008 TAMPA - To some, it's a symbol of hate and slavery -- to others, it's all about Southern pride and heritage. Clutching a noose and pictures of lynchings, Marsha Weaver was first in front of the Hillsborough Commissioners Wednesday. "That flag will not hang," she said. "We need more people to start standing up and fighting." Phil Walters of the Sons [...]

6 06, 2008

News 663

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A presidential tale rarely told Springs man on a mission to carve a place in U.S. history for the Confederate leader BY BILL REED June 3, 2008 - 12:33AM THE GAZETTE Today marks Jefferson Davis' 200th birthday, and most people don't care. That really irks his greatgreat-grandson, Bertram Hayes-Davis. The Colorado Springs banker has devoted himself to getting the only president of the Confederacy his proper due and contends that his ancestor [...]