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6 06, 2008

News 661

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More than one thousand attend Beauvoir's reopening By KAT BERGERON SUN HERALD Tue, Jun. 03, 2008 BILOXI -- With more than one thousand people in attendance, cannon salutes and Southern-style speeches, Beauvoir, the 1852 national historic landmark, reopened for the first time since Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the structure. The celebration was timed for the 200th anniversary of the birth date of Jefferson Davis, who spent his final years at Beauvoir. If [...]

6 06, 2008

News 660

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The old South does indeed rise again Tuesday, 03 Jun 2008 SEFFNER - Amidst renewed controversy over the Confederate flag, the symbol of the old South is flying over Seffner. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has hoisted the flag - which, at 30 feet by 50 feet, they call the world's largest - at a plot of land near U.S. Highway 92 and Interstate 75, and visible from I-75's busy interchange with [...]

6 06, 2008

News 656

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Rebel Flag Causes Flap Wednesday, June 4, 2008 TAMPA, Fla., (970 WFLA) - Marion Lambert wears a pin bearing the picture of the Confederacy's only president, Jefferson Davis, who would have turned 200 years old Tuesday. For the occasion, he and members of Sons of Confederate Veterans hoisted a 50 x 30-foot Confederate flag atop a 139-foot-tall flag pole at I-75 and I-4. It can be seen a mile away. "If they [...]

3 06, 2008

News 654

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Re-opening of Confederate president's home a post-Katrina success story By KAT BERGERON McClatchy Newspapers Posted on Fri, May. 30, 2008 In the history of Hurricane Katrina recovery, Beauvoir is a Humpty Dumpty "back together again" story getting national attention. The restored 1852 National Historic Landmark reopens Tuesday with a public celebration and tours for the first time since the 2005 storm destroyed all but the house on the beachfront estate where Jefferson [...]

3 06, 2008

News 652

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Group Protests Suffolk Failure To Honor Confederates Posted: May 19, 2008 A Suffolk group is protesting that the city mayor didn't proclaim April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. Each year the Tom Smith Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans asks the city mayor to dub the month a time to recognize their ancestors. It's caused controversy in the past because some people consider it divisive. The group has had varied success. In [...]

3 06, 2008

News 650

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Get Chris Sullivan! Tuesday, May 27, 2008 The Southern Poverty Law Center fulfills a conspicuous and honored role in our political process, roughly equivalent to that of Cotton Mather in the Salem Witch Trials. The latest dissident wretch it's had to deal with is Lee Bright, who's running for the South Carolina State Senate. Seems his campaign manager holds certain ideas judged abhorrent and perilous to the realm: Chris Sullivan, the campaign [...]