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22 08, 2008

News 766

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Praise to those who respect ancestors Wednesday, August 20, 2008 I have a heart for our ancestry. A lone grave in the woods, a family or private cemetery, or a community or a church cemetery is a sacred and hallowed ground. We need to unite in order to preserve those sites. I want to express my deep appreciation to the person or the persons who set off a sacred place located on [...]

22 08, 2008

News 764

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The Old South Lives on in Brazil By Rita Shannon Koeser August 18, 2008 "There was a land of cavaliers and cotton fields called the Old South" - from the opening of the film "Gone with the Wind (1939) Surprisingly, at a cemetery in Brazil, in the interior of Sao Paulo state, the pre-Civil War American south is kept alive in songs, music, food and dance. Women in hoop skirts, and men [...]

19 08, 2008

News 761

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Student fights Anderson Co. Confederate flag ban Friday, August 15, 2008 With all the rotten news out there, here's something to shed a little ray of hope. A young Southerner in Knoxville endured multiple suspensions for wearing a Southern pride shirt to school. The case goes back for years, but he's still fighting. His comments this week display the Southern fighting spirit that many thought had been brainwashed out of the present [...]

13 08, 2008

News 751

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New name picked for Johnston campus Eastside Memorial High at Johnston will keep mascot, colors By Laura Heinauer AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Tuesday, August 12, 2008 After less than an hour of deliberation, Austin school trustees on Monday chose Eastside Memorial High School at the Johnston Campus as the new name for the school formerly known as Albert Sidney Johnston High School. Johnston was forced to close in and reopen as a repurposed campus [...]