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25 09, 2008

News 803

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The Tradition Stealers by Al Benson Jr. Over the years I've read lots of Louis L'Amour's books. Although I surely don't agree totally with some of Mr. L'Amour's mindset, I have found his books to be refreshingly free of graphic sex and bedroom scenes which so many others seem to have to include in their work as signs that they are being "realistic" or "relevant." L'Amour's books are such that, should you [...]

25 09, 2008

News 799

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FOR A CAUSE GREATER THAN SELF Saturday, September 20, 2008 For quite a number of years it has been my belief that most human beings have a deeply-held, innate desire to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. I say most humans because I know there are some people who are so self-centered that they think everything revolves around just them. Fortunately, these types are in the minority although [...]

16 09, 2008

News 793

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The Beginning of the Realignment of American Politics by John V. Walsh No significant political movement takes place without breaking down old alliances and establishing new ones. And so it is with the press conference sponsored today by Ron Paul at the National Press Club. There he was joined by Ralph Nader (Independent), Chuck Baldwin (Constitutionalist) and Cynthia McKinney (Green), to take on the War Party Duopoly. To this observer the importance [...]

16 09, 2008

News 791

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The American secessionist streak Wednesday, September 10, 2008 As we've previously noted, the excitement Sarah Palin aroused with her involvement with the Alaskan Independence Party has sparked renewed interest in secessionist movements. And here's Christopher Ketcham, a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair and Harper's, who makes this intriguing observation about Palin and the AIP in the Los Angeles Times: Sarah Palin's secessionist sympathies sparked minor hysteria last week. Her crime was hailing [...]

16 09, 2008

News 789

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The American secessionist streak In a recent poll, one in five agreed that states have the right to peacefully secede from the Union. By Christopher Ketcham September 10, 2008 Sarah Palin's secessionist sympathies sparked minor hysteria last week. Her crime was hailing with round praise the work of the cranky Alaskan Independence Party, which advocates a statewide plebiscite on the secession of Alaska from the Union. "The fires of hell are frozen [...]

16 09, 2008

Truehistory 127

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Northern Care of the Freedmen "The story of the freedmen in wartime is one of gross mismanagement and neglect (on the part of the North). The problem was neither vigilantly foreseen by the government nor dealt with vigorously and promptly by it or by private organizations. The abolitionists who had called so long for emancipation should have foreseen that the mere ending of slavery was far from a solution of the stupendous [...]

15 09, 2008

Hkedgerton 271

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Letter to Ms. Lunelle / What do I tell the Babies at Chickamauga? Dear Ms. Lunelle, Here I go again! This coming week I shall find myself in a little tent somewhere on the battle field of the 145th re-enactment of the historical Battle of Chickamauga. Thousands of school children and their parents and teachers will parade through my tent. Many of these babies [...]

3 09, 2008

Hkedgerton 269

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Report / The Apple Festival / Fellowshipping with Powell's and guests / Blount County I would like to thank Dixie Outfitters for making it possible for me to attend the historic Apple Festival held in Hendersonville, North Carolina this past Labor Day weekend, where I would march alongside the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Union Veterans who marched directly behind us. [...]

2 09, 2008

News 777

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The Yankee/Marxist Mindset Saturday, August 30, 2008 by Al Benson Jr. On the dates of August 15-16 I attended a Southern Heritage conference in Laurel, Mississippi at which I gave 2 speeches. The first of the two speeches, and the one I considered the most pertinent, was about what I call the Yankee/Marxist mindset, which I felt was rather appropriate, as the two mindsets, world views, or theologies if you will, seem [...]