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12 12, 2008

News 867

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First Southern National Congress a Resounding Success For Immediate Release     The following is an excerpt from the Press Release about the First Southern National Congress, held December 5-7. For the entire Press Release use the following link:  or visit the SNC website at:     Marion, VA; December 11, 2008 – Over one hundred Southern men and women, from all walks of life and from fourteen States, gathered near Hendersonville, [...]

12 12, 2008

News 866

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GEORGIA GOVERNOR HONORS JEWISH CONFEDERATES Thursday, December 11, 2008 A ceremony is planned for December 11th at the office of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue which will observe a proclamation signed on November 6, 2008. The proclamation declares April 2009 as Confederate History Month and April 26, 2009, as Confederate Memorial Day. The proclamation highlights the contributions of Georgia's Jewish community to the Confederate States of America. The Sons of Confederate Veterans will [...]

12 12, 2008

News 865

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Long-time enemy of Southern heritage in hot water Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Am I indulging in a little Jessefreude as I watch Jesse Jackson, Jr. sweating in front of the news cameras, denying he's a crook? No -- I'm positively wallowing in it. This just gets better day by day: ABC News quoted federal law enforcement sources saying the son of the civil rights leader is the candidate identified by the FBI [...]

12 12, 2008

News 864

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A TRUE ESTIMATE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN Monday, December 08, 2008 A TRUE ESTIMATE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN & Vindication of the South, by Mildred Lewis Rutherford, Newspaper Correspondent; The manuscript was unearthed from where it had been stored. “The South Must Have Her Rightful Place in History.” “When time shall have softened passion and prejudice; when reason shall have stripped her mask from misrepresentation, then justice holding evenly her scales, will require much [...]

12 12, 2008

News 863

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13 Confederate flags go missing in Middletown Tuesday, December 9, 2008 By Jason Kane The Winchester Star Middletown — The Confederate flags disappeared from Main Street this fall, along with the retreating Confederate troops. Thirteen flags, all yanked from their poles in the town center during the Battle of Cedar Creek re-enactment weekend Oct. 18 and 19. Missing flags in the wake of the annual re-enactment aren’t that uncommon, said Middletown Mayor [...]

12 12, 2008

News 860

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Hopkins intolerant of traditional values December 5, 2008 The recent refusal of the John Hopkins University to host a Lee-Jackson Day program on campus has had the exact opposite effect that the university claims it intended. Instead of preventing offense, it has ripped open old wounds and created abundant offense ("A Civil action," editorial, Nov. 21). The root of the whole matter lies in intellectual dishonesty. Our universities claim to allow the [...]

12 12, 2008

News 859

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University closes doors to Confederate remembrance By Peter Sicher 12/4/08 Every January for 20 years, Hopkins has rented a room in Shriver Hall to the Sons of Confederate Veterans for a reception after their celebration of Southern Civil War rebel leaders Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson in Wyman Park. This January, however, Hopkins is ending this practice. Because Hopkins is a private institution, explained Dennis O'Shea, executive director of Communication and [...]