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30 01, 2009

News 938

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Exhibit Shines A Light on Black Troops In Civil War By Ian Shapira Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, January 29, 2009 They are the artifacts of a long-ago war and of an unsung demographic: a pension application of a slave who joined the Confederate Army in 1864; the diamond-shaped metal identification badge of a South Carolina slave wounded in a battle near Richmond; and the Civil War musket of a Loudoun County [...]

30 01, 2009

News 937

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Big Confederate flag is no flap for Super Bowl weekend By Chandra Broadwater, Times Staff Writer In Print: Thursday, January 29, 2009 TAMPA — The Super Bowl is in town. So is the world's largest Confederate flag. But groups on both sides of the 1,800-square foot flag that flies over the junction of Interstates 4 and 75 aren't so concerned about a potential black eye for the city or the game. Some [...]

30 01, 2009

News 936

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SCV Telegraph-NASCAR From: Sons of Confederate Veterans Subject: SCV Telegraph-NASCAR To: Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 11:00 PM Greetings Compatriots, I am sure most of you are aware of the problems we have had with NASCAR and their positions over the years regarding the Confederate Flag. Several years ago there was an attempt by the SCV to sponsor a car which was refused. NASCAR eventually imposed a ban on the flag [...]

30 01, 2009

News 935

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No Friends of the Negro Up North From: The black families were not in need of help before the abolition armies descended upon the American South spreading destruction and devastation. Both the mayor and governor below were careful to not allow the emigration of cheap labor into their respective States. But it was Governor John Andrew of Massachusetts and his abolitionists friends who found it better to pay black mercenaries to [...]

30 01, 2009

News 934

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Being from Florida, I sent this to Gov. Crist after I read the e-mail. From: Gov. Crist,      As one of your soldiers fighting overseas, I am amazed that your people would consider closing down Dudley Farm near Gainesville.  I know the money constraints are tight all over, but do you not think that more money could be saved by trimming the salaries of government officials?  I know that a majority [...]

30 01, 2009

News 933

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Save Dudley Farm - Letter to Gov. Crist From: Here is a letter I sent to Governor Crist concerning the Dudley Farm   Gail J.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honorable Sir:   I ask you to consider keeping Dudley Farm- Living History State Park open for the following reasons:    1) Our school children need "outside the class room experiences" to broaden their education.  Being able to see how far our society has [...]

30 01, 2009

News 932

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Lincoln From: Apparently Mr. Kennedy has not documented the fact that Lincoln was a war criminal by any standard.  He suspended habeas Corpus and executed many folks by tribunal.  Many from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, etc.  He arrested the legislature of Maryland and held them without trial and put his own appointed stooges in their place.  Not to mention that these men he jailed were the elected representatives of the people.  He [...]

30 01, 2009

News 931

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Patriots find NAACP, media, pols can't hoist fury From: RE: Planners Hope Flag Doesn't Hoist Fury Tampa Tribune, FL   //.//. COMMENTS:  The klan with a tan, the reportasters, and the pols huffed and puffed but they couldn't blow the flag down. That is no surprise -- the sheer joy is seeing them try, fail and stand around licking their self-inflicted wounds.  PEOPLE POWER is the irresistible force in socio-politics, [...]

30 01, 2009

News 930

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WHY WE ARE LOSING & HOW WE CAN WIN by Alan Stang January 28, 2009 Time and again over the years, I have heard patriots enumerate our strengths: we, the true American people of all kinds, vastly outnumber the relatively few totalitarian Socialist conspirators at the top; we are armed to the eyeballs; we have the U.S. Constitution, we are more educated about the threat to all this than any other [...]

30 01, 2009

News 929

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The Confederacy was fighting for homes, not slavery I read with interest Bud Kennedy’s column about the Confederacy and its fighting to keep slavery in place in the South. (See: "Research trumps revisionist history," Jan. 25) Obviously Kennedy chooses to believe what one writer believes is fact without giving the same opportunity to Confederate writers who were actually there. I have many Southern ancestors who fought in The War Between the States, [...]