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26 01, 2009

News 919

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Sons of Confederate Veterans group celebrates Lee’s legacy By Greg Phillips Published: January 19, 2009 Circumstances do not dictate your character, they reveal it and become the opportunity to refine it. That sentence can sum up the life and legacy of Gen. Robert E. Lee, according to Dr. Harry L. Reeder III, author of “The Leadership Dynamic” and a consultant on the film, “Gods and Generals.” Reeder spoke at the William C. [...]

26 01, 2009

News 918

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Abraham Lincoln and the Road to War Sunday, January 18, 2009 “So viewing the issue, no choice was left but to call out the war power of the government, and so to resist force employed for its destruction by force for its preservation.” – Abraham Lincoln, address to Congress in special session, July 4, 1861. One of the most persistent myths surrounding Abraham Lincoln and the War of Secession is that the [...]

26 01, 2009

News 917

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Happy Birthday, “Stonewall” Jackson, Civil War General January 21, 2009 by Isabel Cowles As a leader of the first battle of Bull Run, and a major force in Antietam and Chancellorsville, Stonewall Jackson was one of the Confederate Army’s most important generals and one of the best-known generals in Civil War history. However, Jackson did not live to see the end of the war: “friendly fire” killed him during the battle of [...]

26 01, 2009

News 916

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Robert E. Lee Birthday Ironically Celebrated Today January 19, 2009 by Robert Dougherty Today is widely regarded as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the day before Barack Obama's inaugural. This is an historic coincidence that no one could have imagined, or even thought up of years back. But as ironic and fitting as that is, there is also something else today that adds to the irony even further. This year, Martin [...]

26 01, 2009

News 915

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Robert E. Lee--A Day To Remember! Monday, January 19, 2009 In these sad days of an America that has lost her way; an America, beset by alien values, her peoples' birthrights--both spiritual and material--compromised, nay betrayed & squandered; there may be some comfort in remembering a truly great man, whose noble spirit once inspired many in an earlier tragedy. This January 19th, all Americans--not just those in his beloved Virginia, or in [...]

26 01, 2009

News 914

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UNCELEBRATE KING 2009 PART 1 of 2 by Alan Stang January 19, 2009 One of the many symptoms of the decline and fall of American civilization is its confusion about heroes. We have sports “heroes,” men who are paid lots of money to play games. We have movie “heroes,” who are paid even more money to pretend to be someone else. Our newest “hero” is an illegal alien whose real name we [...]

23 01, 2009

News 913

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Race Hustlers in Damage Control Mode by J. A. Davis and Steve Scroggins For around forty years we have seen the founding, growth and nurturing of a cottage industry in America. It is commonly known as the racial hate industry. There has been great competition as to who can outdo their competition in the ability to invent or overblow incidents that are sure to attract an ever eager media, leading to opportunities [...]

23 01, 2009

News 912

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Lincoln might not have welcomed Obama's election By Leonard Pitts Jr. | Miami Herald On Tuesday, Barack Obama will stand on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and take an oath making him the nation's first president of African heritage. The statue of Abraham Lincoln, which sits facing the Capitol in a temple two miles away, will not give two thumbs up. Neither will it weep, commune with the spirit of Martin [...]

23 01, 2009

News 911

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Abraham Delano Messiah Obama? by Thomas J. DiLorenzo The political Left (which includes almost all journalists in America) just can’t make up its mind over whether Barack Obama most resembles Lincoln, FDR, Jesus Christ – or some combination thereof. All during his campaign many of his supporters kept referring to him as "The Messiah"; there is much talk of how he will immediately propose the re-adoption of many of FDR’s government interventions [...]

23 01, 2009

News 910

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Birthday of Confederate hero Robert E. Lee Monday, January 19, 2009 "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less." - Robert E. Lee Jan. 19, marks two great historic events. First, it is the anniversary of the publication of my historical fiction novel Shades of Gray, and second it is the 202nd anniversary of the birthday of Robert E. Lee. To help celebrate [...]