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27 02, 2009

Hkedgerton 305

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Back to the main articles page      Photos from Lee-Jackson Service in Lexington From: brian giles Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 H.K., Here is the pics I promised I would send sorry it has been a delay. Hope all is well, and you enjoy the pics Brian K. Giles Commander/ Garland-Rodes Sons of Confederate Veterans Lynchburg, Va.

24 02, 2009

Hkedgerton 304

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Back to the main articles page      Black Confederate Soldiers Dear Ms. Wood, I brought to the attention of your email letter forwarded to me about the Veterans Administration denying headstones to those Black Confederate soldiers serving in Giles County and buried there to the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons and also to the Honorable Roger McCredie, the Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center. It would be most appreciative if you would provide [...]

20 02, 2009

News 962

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Gen. Robert E. Lee Reenactor Highlights Lee-Jackson Dinner February 12, 2009 Source: The Greeneville Sun David Chaltas Plays Compelling Role For Event's Large Crowd BY BILL JONES STAFF WRITER David Chaltas, a nationally recognized living historian, author and educator delivered a stunning portrayal of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee during a Lee-Jackson dinner Saturday night at the Homestead restaurant. Hosted by John Hunt Morgan Camp 2053 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, [...]

20 02, 2009

News 964

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A PBS special lifts Lincoln's layers of myths By Joanne Ostrow The Denver Post Posted: 02/08/2009 Henry Louis Gates Jr., host and executive producer of "Looking for Lincoln," at the Lincoln Memorial. (Pam Risdon, Cable Risdon Photography ) You think you know Abe Lincoln. Craggy face, top hat, saved the Union, freed the slaves, assassinated at Ford's Theater, memorialized on the National Mall. The tale of the martyred Great Emancipator is ingrained [...]

20 02, 2009

News 965

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A Holiday to Memorialize the Confederacy? WTF? Monroe Anderson Posted February 11, 2009 In an era that some are trying to bill at post-racial, South Carolina state senator Robert Ford is seeking to take us way back to the post-Reconstruction epoch. Ford, who is of African American descent, is trying to get a bill passed that requires South Carolina to give workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day. This gives [...]

20 02, 2009

News 998

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SC Reps Introduce State Sovereignty Bill Submitted by Phil on Tue, Feb 17, 2009 The following is from; their interpretation of the bill is wrong, in my view — this is a resolution, not a bill. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see the great State of South Carolina on board the States’ rights movement. A current listing of State-based initiatives can be found here.     On February 12, legislators from the State [...]

20 02, 2009

News 997

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Reluctant Confederates: The Civil War in North Texas explores Texans' attitudes toward secession By North Texas History Center Feb 19, 2009 The Reluctant Confederates: The Civil War in North Texas on exhibit at the North Texas History Center, 300 E. Virginia just off the historic McKinney downtown square.   The exhibit explores the discrepancy of Texans' attitudes toward secession.  A variety of letters from founding North Texas families such as the Wilmeths and [...]

20 02, 2009

News 996

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Maryland: Tradition and History Severed With New State Song Legislation Posted on February 19, 2009 -By Warner Todd Huston Contrary to popular conception, the South was not united during the Civil War. Every single southern state gave thousands of their sons to the northern armies and Maryland was no different. In fact, Maryland gave more soldiers to northern armies than it did southern (About 32,981 fought for the north and only 4,039 [...]

20 02, 2009

News 995

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Resolutions to Affirm State Sovereignty may be Prelude to Secession Monday, February 16, 2009 by: Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor (NaturalNews) Nine state legislatures have either passed or introduced bills intended to reaffirm their state's sovereignty as laid out in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Constitution. Another twenty states are expected to introduce similar measures this year. While the ramifications of these resolutions are still uncertain, one thing is clear. [...]

20 02, 2009

News 994

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Abraham Lincoln's "Gift" to Georgia--Sherman's March, Part Two By: Al Benson Jr. Anti-Establishment History The internationalist and dictatorial mindset of the Sherman brothers was clearly evident in the statement made by John Sherman, brother of William Tecumseh, when he said: "Nationalize as much as possible (and thereby) make men love their country before their states." This quote was in the book Donnie Kennedy and I wrote, (Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists [...]