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16 02, 2009

News 981

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Lincoln Low Key in the South Thursday, February 12, 2009 Southern states low-key for Lincoln bicentennial By MELINDA DESLATTE Associated Press Writer 02/10/2009 BATON ROUGE, La.—Nearly 150 years after the Civil War's end, the South still is no Land of Lincoln. Most states in the old Confederacy are decidedly low-key as the nation commemorates the 200-year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, with a handful of museum exhibits and lectures among the modest [...]

16 02, 2009

News 980

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David Broder - Pompous, Elitist, Anti-Southern Bigot By: Red Phillips Speaking about the declining fortunes of the GOP and the so-called "Southern strategy" (us Southerners could only wish), Washington Post columnist David Broder let loose with this nasty little smear:  [The election of Michael Steele] "was the clearest possible signal that the GOP realizes it must escape the shackles of its ideologically binding Southern strategy and compete in a more diverse, pragmatic [...]

16 02, 2009

News 979

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Looking for Lincoln...Through Southern Conservative Eyes – A Critique of the PBS Program Commentary by Frank Conner Editor's Note: PBS first broadcast this new documentary entitled Looking for Lincoln beginning on Feb. 11, 2009.     "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." --John 8:32 While writing a history of the South (published in 2002), I spent several years researching the life of Lincoln; and as the result, [...]

16 02, 2009

News 978

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Lincoln, Southern style In our opinion 02-12-2009 It's understandable that the state of Alabama would have an uneasy relationship with the memory of Abraham Lincoln, who was born 200 years ago today. Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, believed wholeheartedly in the preservation of the Union and the upholding of the U.S. Constitution. Alabama, as secession fever spread across the South, was no friend to the unlikely American president from Illinois. Once Lincoln was [...]

16 02, 2009

News 977

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The South Totally Blanks on Lincoln's Birthday By Dylan and Ethan Ris Feb 12th 2009 Yesterday we told you about the ways that folks across America are celebrating today's 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. But not the South. See, the South knew that there was something going on for February 12th ... maybe a potluck at Arkansas's place, or perhaps a Jeff Foxworthy HBO special? No, it was someone's birthday or [...]

16 02, 2009

News 976

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States Seek To Regain Their Sovereign Power From The US Government! Thursday, February 12, 2009 Big Brother piece by J. D. Longstreet Lawmakers in 20 states are pushing to regain their states sovereignty from the US Government under the ninth and tenth amendments to the US Constitution! We warned this was coming many months, even years ago, in this very space. Many readers gave me grief saying that I had no idea [...]

16 02, 2009

News 975

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States Push to Take Back National Guard Thursday, February 12, 2009 The people of the States re-asserting sovereignty? Now we're talking about change we can believe in: Going on its seventh year, the Iraq war has taken its toll on not only the US military, but also on the states's National Guard units, which were called up when Congress passed the 2002 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) against Iraq. Now a [...]

16 02, 2009

News 974

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Lincoln Hypocrisy Commentary by Steve Scroggins OK, folks, this is a test of your knowledge of American history. Look briefly below at the hyperlink in the next paragraph---then return here. What was your first reaction? If it was laughter, a guffaw or incredulous bafflement (What!!!???), then perhaps there is hope for you. If your reaction was not immediate rejection of the premise, then you need education to overcome your indoctrination in Lincoln [...]

16 02, 2009

News 973

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A 'Lincoln Scholar' Comes Clean by Thomas J. DiLorenzo Historian William Marvel is a past winner of the Lincoln Prize and the Douglas Southall Freeman Award for his scholarship. The author of Lee’s Last Retreat, Andersonville, and A Place Called Appomattox is described by the renowned Steven Sears as "The Civil War’s master historical detective." He is also unique among all the "Lincoln scholars" who I have read in that his books [...]

16 02, 2009

News 972

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Civil War tested Lincoln's tolerance for free speech, press By Ronald K.L. Collins First Amendment Center scholar 02.11.09 Editor's note: This article appears in conjunction with a new exhibit, "Manhunt: Chasing Lincoln's Killer," opening Feb. 14 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. It was a war like no other. “After the Civil War began,” write scholars Thomas Tedford and Dale Herbeck, “officials in both the Union and the Confederacy permitted a surprising [...]