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8 03, 2009

News 1027

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1776 AND TODAY: IT IS TIME TO REFRESH THE TREE OF LIBERTY By Greg Evensen March 5, 2009 I have just finished watching two of my favorite motion pictures, “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and “Red Dawn.” Although produced in liberal Hollywood, they did capture—in our imaginations—at least, the view that some Americans, at the time when their country and countrymen needed them the most, responded courageously to tyranny and evil [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1026

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Five More States Invoke the 10th by A.W.R. Hawkins 03/04/2009 Last week, HUMAN EVENTS reported that eleven states, Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas, had all “all introduced bills and resolutions” declaring their sovereignty over Obama’s actions in light of the 10th Amendment. These actions are in response to the Obama administration’s faux-“stimulus” legislation which directly assaults the rights of states to reject the [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1025

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North Carolina Confederate Flag Day Date: Saturday, 7 March 2009 Time: 2PM The North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh NC hosts the 20th annual North Carolina Confederate Flag Day ceremony. The First National Confederate Flag will be raised over the State Capitol. This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Lee Congdon, Professor at James Madison University. Dr. Congdon's most recent book is a biographical study of the famous American diplomat and the formulator [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1024

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Another View of the NAACP -- Part Four by Al Benson Jr. Up to this point I have dealt with the undue amount of Jewish influence in the early NAACP (and later), dealing with the fact that this organization had no real black president until the mid-1970s and I have pointed out the leftist influence on the group, along with some of the rather corrupt black leadership that finally emerged. Let it [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1023

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On Georgia's Antebellum Trail, the Old South not gone with the wind Posted : Tue, 03 Mar 2009 Madison/Athens, Georgia - More than 140 years have passed since the Union fought the Confederacy in the American Civil War (1861-65). For many Americans, however, it almost seems like yesterday. The epic novel - and later film adaptation - "Gone With the Wind", have helped keep memories alive. So have regular re-enactments of major [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1022

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'Pappa' was a Reb and danged proud By MIKE AVERILL World Scene Writer Published: 3/1/2009 Capt. James T. Roseborough must have been spinning in his grave last weekend. That's because his great-great-great grandson donned the blue wool uniform of a Union private with the 77th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and took aim at the boys in gray during a reenactment of the Battle of Round Mountain. I'm sure I didn't hit anyone. Even [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1020

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The Persecution of the Black Conservative Black History Month & 'Civil War Memory' - The 32 Part Series (Part 28) by Bill Vallante Whether it’s someone saying that Chief Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t really black, or that Candy Rice’s hair is “funny” looking, or that Walter Williams is a “neo-confederate”, black conservatives generally take it on the chin from those in the black community who make their living through race baiting, and [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1019

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Majority of Government Actions Are Unconstitutional By Andrew C. Wallace February 28, 2009 My purpose is not to agitate a civil war, that may already have started, but to prevent one at all costs, except for our freedoms. Americans were betrayed by a majority in congress of both parties for money and power. Our jobs, benefits, prosperity, and freedom are gone, or disappearing rapidly because government officials and judges openly violate [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1017

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The Great Emancipator Thursday, February 26, 2009 Walking through the doors of our local community college to take a CLEP test this week, I was faced with a large banner declaring the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. I stood there, staring up at his picture, thinking back to the bloody conflict of the Civil War, and thinking of a popular saying around our house: "He who wins the wars rewrites history." In [...]

8 03, 2009

News 1016

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South Carolina House Adopts State Sovereignty Resolution Friday, February 27, 2009 This spells things out pretty clearly: Whereas, the South Carolina General Assembly declares that the people of this State have the sole and exclusive right of governing themselves as a free, sovereign, and independent State, and shall exercise and enjoy every power, jurisdiction, and right pertaining thereto, which is not expressly delegated by them to the United States of America in [...]