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20 04, 2009

News 1081

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Roy Moore, Alabama's "Ten Commandments judge," says he's likely to run for governor Posted by Hannah Wolfson -- Birmingham News April 12, 2009 Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore says he's very likely to run for governor again next year. Moore told the Associated Press that he plans to announce his decision June 1. That's when he could start raising money for the Republican primary in June 2010. "Right now [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1080

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Reenactors take Rosedale guests back in time During the Civil War, the plantation housed hundreds of sick and wounded soldiers. By Kathy Haight Posted: Sunday, Apr. 12, 2009 On a wooden table covered with a sheet, a Civil War soldier lay bleeding Saturday from a bullet wound in his chest. His surgeon in the medic's tent at Historic Rosedale Plantation was having a tough time finding the painful piece of lead. [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1079

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Confederate re-enactment may start new park tradition By Sarah Watson Published: April 10, 2009 Confederate soldiers will surrender in Appomattox, not once, but twice, nextweekend at a re-enactment at the national park. The living history encampment is the first of what National Park officials hope will become an annual event to mark anniversaries of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender in Appomattox. This year, re-enactors portraying a North Carolina unit will spend the [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1078

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Monument Honors Brigade's Sacrifice Descendants of South Carolina troops place monument to state's courageous soldiers at Spotsylvania Court House battlefield's Bloody Angle Date published: 4/11/2009 By Clint Schemmer It didn't come with a bow or wrapping paper, but a very big gift was presented to the nation on Good Friday near Spotsylvania Courthouse. South Carolinians arrived early yesterday on the most storied part of the Civil War battlefield, bearing a 61/2-ton present [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1077

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Tea Party Protesters Are "Neo-Nazis, Militias, Secessionists and Racists" Friday, April 17, 2009 Yikes! Secessionists? Like William Wallace? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Pretty scary, huh? So, who's using such defamatory language to discredit the Tea Party protests against socialism and unbearable tax burdens? Sounds like something our friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center would say. But that's not who's saying this -- it's leaders in the Democratic Party: Other House Democratic [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1076

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Man refuses to surrender Civil War re-enactment April 12, 2009 SELMA -- The Confederacy may have surrendered 144 years ago, but a descendant of three gallant Southern soldiers is not giving up his fight to save an event that commemorates one of the last clashes of the Civil War. At one time, the Battle of Selma re-enactment was among Alabama's most popular April tourist attractions as Reb and Yankee "troops" re-created a [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1075

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Jimmy Carter's crazy slavery theory: He thinks the Civil War was un-Christian By Ira Stoll Saturday, March 21st 2009 Here's the latest outrage from Jimmy Carter, the ex-President so many Americans love to hate: He claims the Civil War - which he calls, Southern-style, "The War Between the States" - was un-Christian and could have been avoided. The comments come in a new book, "In Lincoln's Hand: His Original Manuscripts With Commentary [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1074

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Carpetbag Legislators Recognized in Alabama Friday, April 10, 2009 Bill honoring Alabama's 1st black lawmakers signed MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- It took 15 months of working six days a week, eight hours each day, before doctoral student Richard Bailey gathered enough information for his dissertation on Alabama's first black officeholders. These were men who cleared a path for politicians of color that would eventually lead to the White House. Information on the [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1073

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Furman Student Stands Up for Confederate History Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Confederate History Month Apr 3rd, 2009 by Hiram Most students at Furman would be unaware that April is designated as Confederate History Month in many Southern States if Junior Will McNutt had not recently brought it to their attention. This month is officially recognized by the states of Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Mississppi, Texas, and Louisiana. On March 12, 2009, the Georgia [...]

20 04, 2009

News 1071

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Battle renews in Ringgold case as depositions begin Friday, April 10, 2009 The Southern Legal Resource Center eU P D A T E Battle renews in Ringgold case as depositions begin RINGGOLD, GA – The legal battle over removal of a Confederate Battle Flag from a memorial display at Historic Ringgold Depot resumed Wednesday and Thursday as attorneys for both sides deposed witnesses in the local SCV camp’s lawsuit against the City. [...]