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30 07, 2009

News 1329

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Judge orders mental-health evaluation for man who posted Homestead video Written by ELGIN JONES HOMESTEAD – A judge has ordered mental-health counseling and a mental-health evaluation for the man who posted a controversial YouTube video suggesting the murder or suicide of Homestead City Councilwoman Judy Waldman. The July 29 restraining order by Miami-Dade County Court Judge Flora E. Seff also prohibits Patrick Pascuzzo of Homestead from posting any more videos of Waldman, [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1328

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Black scholars help Museum of the Confederacy NCCU interns transcribe archives BY STEVE SZKOTAK - The Associated Press Published: Thu, Jul. 30, 2009 RICHMOND, Va. -- When Ariel Brown was offered a chance to transcribe the correspondence of the first family of the Confederacy, the history major with a keen interest in the South seized the opportunity. Then the student from historically black N.C. Central University in Durham let her colleagues know [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1327

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Rebel yell! Ridge man proudly displays the Confederate flag! By Ben Muessig The Brooklyn Paper Will the south of Brooklyn rise again? Judging by the looks of the Confederate flag hanging from a terrace on the southern side of the Bay Ridge Towers, it’s certainly a possibility. The incongruous banner — considered a symbol of hatred and oppression by some but merely a sign of Southern pride by others — waves from [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1326

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Self-Destruction--Now A Conditioned Reflex? August, 2009 Feature--Return Of The Gods Web Site Synopsis Is self-destruction now a conditioned reflex of rooted Americans? Effect of two generations of educational conditioning in the myth of human interchangeability. Fatal flaw in the Cousins' approach. Can we revive an American spirit? When one considers America's changing demographics in the context of Federal policy & legislation, mass media stereotypes, and contemporary educational norms with respect to the [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1324

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Political theater raises an unwanted question By WALTER WILLIAMS Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Last month, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed Senate Resolution 26, “Apologizing for the enslavement and racial segregation of African-Americans.” The resolution ends with: “Disclaimer. — Nothing in this resolution (a) authorizes or supports any claim against the United States; or (b) serves as a settlement of any claim against the United States.” That means Congress apologizes but is not [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1323

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How They Lie About Lincoln Tuesday, July 21, 2009 More to the point, Thomas DiLorenzo makes it pretty clear WHY they lie about Lincoln:   In reality, the Lincoln Memorial is a temple to the idea that government in America is not voluntary, and never will be as long as Lincoln is its primary symbol and as long as Lincoln mythology remains the state’s cornerstone ideology. Lincoln micromanaged the murder of some [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1322

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Conservative, pro-Confederate vendor gets the boot from area mall Thursday, July 23, 2009 Hmmm -- looks like taking a stand against The One will get you booted. The owners of Concord Mall, by the way, are Obama supporters. And don't miss the video at this link -- the mall has no problem with vulgar tee-shirts, but conservative, pro-Southern merchandise has no place there. On The Web:  

30 07, 2009

News 1321

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School board upholds Confederate flag brochure decision Published: July 21, 2009 Kristin Harty Cumberland Times-News CUMBERLAND — Former Superintendent of Schools Bill AuMiller is three weeks into retirement, but his decision to ban the distribution of Confederate flag brochures at Allegany County middle schools still stands. The Allegany County Board of Education publicly released an eight-page opinion Tuesday afternoon, saying AuMiller’s decision was neither “illegal, arbitrary or unreasonable”?and should be upheld. In [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1320

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Southern heritage organization proposes Jonesborough boycott after vote on veterans memorial By Heather Richardson Published July 22nd, 2009 An economic boycott of the town of Jonesborough has been proposed in reaction to a decision made by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen concerning an amendment made to the town’s Veterans Memorial Park. The Southern Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that advocates in matters involving Southern history, heritage and culture, has proposed [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1319

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SLRC PROPOSES ECONOMIC BOYCOTT OF JONESBOROUGH AFTER TOWN WELSHES ON CONFEDERATE BRICKS PROMISE Thursday, July 23, 2009 HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS – The Southern Legal Resource Center has called for an economic boycott of the Town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, after Jonesborough officials welshed on a “Confederate” designation for memorial bricks honoring Southern Civil War veterans at the town’s Veterans’ Park. As a first step in the boycott process, the SLRC drafted a resolution [...]