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30 07, 2009

News 1318

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"Post America" by Al Benson Jr. Recently I read a good article by Pat Buchanan. I don’t always agree with Pat, but I do enough of the time that I take the trouble to check out what he is saying. In a recent article he mentioned Garet Garrett, who authored The People’s Pottage back in 1953. This book was one of Garrett’s major attempts to warn people of the direction in which [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1317

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Marxist "Reconstruction" by Al Benson Jr. Back a few years ago when establishment historian James M. McPherson, in his book Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution, was bragging about how Abraham Lincoln championed the cause of the socialist and Marxist Forty-Eighters in Europe, he gave us one of Karl Marx's quotes in regard to the sainted Mr. Lincoln. In 1865 Marx praised the great rail-splitter as "the single-minded son of the [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1316

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Remembering the Gettysburg Reunion of 1913 Monday, July 20, 2009 By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. Do you know who Gen. Robert Edward Lee, Major Gen. George Edward Pickett and Major Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain were? Are children still taught about these men and all those who met on the famous War Between the States battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? Some call the Gettysburg Battlefield the most haunted place in America as many thousands [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1315

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Frankly, you should give a damn about Gone With the Wind' museum By MARY ANN ANDERSON - McClatchy-Tribune News Servive MARIETTA, Ga. - Pop quiz for all the Windies out there. What is the "flaming embrace?" Which of these lines is correct? "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" or "My dear, I don't give a damn." And what or who are the Windies? Windies, my dear, are most faithful fans [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1314

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Assumptions on rednecks and Confederate flags posted by Ectheleon 07/20/2009 Im making this post after listening to fridays show and hearing jayar's and Ana's Oppinions on the "rednecks" and people who wear/support/fly the confederate flag, the following is my thoughts on the matter.   Many will misjudge or prejudge and assume alot, but please read it with a open mind and not under the guise of modern Outlook on it. What is a [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1313

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Debating the Battleflag in Myrtle Beach Friday, July 17, 2009 Symbol connected to hate should be rejected By Lauren Pancaldo I am originally from Westchester, N.Y. There are so many diverse cultures there. In New York, most people who have never left the state have never seen an actual Confederate flag; the exception being the "Dukes of Hazzard" show and seeing the famous orange 1969 Dodge Charger. For good reason, you will [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1312

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County officials wade into Confederate flag battle Miami-Dade County officials are now involved in resolving the fight among several groups over the Confederate battle flag. BY TANIA VALDEMORO The Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board has waded into the ongoing dispute over the one-time appearance of the Confederate battle flag at last year's Veterans' Day parade in downtown Homestead. In a press release issued by county officials Wednesday, the board said it [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1311

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Rebel School Nickname Under Attack in Monroe From: "northcarolinasouth", Date: July 17, 2009 To: Subject: [NCSouth] Rebel School Nickname Under Attack in Monroe Reply-To: The Monroe (NC) Enquirer-Journal reports that Union County NAACP President Nathan Hailey will continue to try to ban the "Rebel" nickname at Parkwood High School, despite a vote by the Parkwood student body that was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the "Rebel" name. The complete [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1310

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The Myth Of Black Confederate Soldiers 15 Jul 2009 Whenever someone finds out I'm reading about the Civil War (off blog, I mean) they feel obliged to inform me that black people fought for the Confederacy. From what I can tell, this is basically false. It's true, in the early stages of the War, some regiments made up of free blacks tried to form, but they were promptly refused. The Native Guard [...]

30 07, 2009

News 1309

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Re-newed Call To Ban Confederate Flag In Schools A re-newed call for a system wide ban of the Confederate flag and all other symbols depicting racism was the focus of constituents who addressed the Allegany County Board of Education Tuesday night. The issue of the flag has been one of controversy in recent years with several race related incidents occurring at Fort Hill High School. While those incidents eventually led to Principal [...]