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18 08, 2009

Facebook 008

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Re: Eric T. Young - 8/11/2009 Message From: Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 Dear HK, You are such an honorable christian man. What a wonderful email you wrote that shows your true character and love for all people. God Bless You! Thank you for everything you do not just for the southern cause but for mankind. Tracy Cromeans Gettysburg, Pa.

18 08, 2009

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Ryan Mosier - 8/10/2009 Wall Posting Mr. Edgerton, thanks for being a soldier for the South and New Confederacy. Wish more people would research their past and history. If you ever have plans to come to Shiloh, Let me know, would love to meet you.

18 08, 2009

Facebook 006

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Eric T. Young - 8/11/2009 Message Brother pray for me. I had to block 3 friends on Facebook last night. They are pro-Confederate, but when they found out I was a jew ethinically, however I am Christian. They began to send me anti-jewish messages. ************************************************** Dear Eric, It breaks my heart to hear this. The Honorable General Robert E. Lee so respected his Jewish Confederate soldiers to the point that he granted [...]

18 08, 2009

Facebook 005

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Eric Flint - 8/9/2009 Message Dear Brother Edgerton, Please over look my rudeness, but ever since I have first heard about you, there has been something I have been wondering. How is is that you went from being a Black Activist one day to being a Southern Hertiage Activist the next? In the eyes of both of our peoples, the two of them would seem to be no where near each other. [...]

18 08, 2009

Facebook 001

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Rick Whitmire - 8/9/2009 Message Subject: Sir, I am asking to be added as a friend. "I am a Southron born American, I love what you, Sir are Proudly tryin to correct! As a truck driver/US Marine I have had honor and love of God to stand beside 1000's of proud peoples'. Our ancesters and children are being walked on, We all should Proudly hold our heads high, We are Sir above [...]

15 08, 2009

News 1376

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Confederate veterans mourn comrade Texas Confederate veterans gather in Stockdale for the funeral of their old comrade, Medley McGee, in 1911. August 12, 2009 Texas aligned itself with the Confederate States of America during the “War Between the States,” perhaps better known now as the American Civil War, fought from 1861-65. Texans who fought and survived returned home to rebuild their lives. Many old comrades reunited in the years after, often for [...]

15 08, 2009

News 1375

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Alabama To Consider Sovereignty Under The 10th Amendment Posted on 11 August 2009 by Michael Boldin On August 10, 2009, Alabama State Representative Mac Gipson along with 22 other co-sponsors, introduced House Joint Resolution 10 (HJR10).  The purpose of the resolution is to “affirm the rights of all states including Alabama, based on the provisions of the ninth and tenth amendments to the United States Constitution.” HJR10 was introduced on the first [...]