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27 09, 2009

News 1421

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Echo Chamber of Lies: Open Letter to Leonard Pitts on SPLC Commentary by Steve Scroggins The text below is an open letter to Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., regarding his column (9/16/09) entitled, The 'Culture War' is real and scary. Mr. Pitts, This letter is to condemn your promotion of the Southern Poverty Law Center as if the SPLC were a source of "credible" information. We don't expect you to [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1420

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Charges dismissed in re-enactment shooting Published: Sept. 17, 2009 NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 17 (UPI) -- A judge in Isle of Wight County, Va., has dismissed the criminal charges against a man for an accidental shooting during a Civil War re-enactment. The charges against Joshua Silva were dropped through a deal with prosecutors that included the Civil war buff paying restitution and completing a gun safety course, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Thursday. Silva [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1419

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Confederate-flag flap prompts U. of Mont. to review policy By The Associated Press 09.16.09 MISSOULA, Mont. — A lawyer for the University of Montana is reviewing the school's "no banner" policy after a student flew a Confederate flag from the balcony of his dorm room. University officials said hanging the flag violated the school banner policy. Kyle Johnson, 20, who grew up in Winchester, Va., countered that forcing him to remove the [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1418

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Right to free speech should not be restricted Story by Will Melton September 16, 2009 Montana Kaimin I have followed the story of the preacher on campus with humored detachment. I thoroughly enjoyed watching students who theoretically wanted this evangelist to shut up challenge him constantly, thus feeding him fodder for his rhetoric. This man’s only power comes when he is argued with. And now some unnamed student, so offended by this [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1417

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Free speech debate gains momentum after flag disappears Story by Mike Gerrity September 16, 2009 Montana Kaimin He came back to his room Friday afternoon expecting to see his Confederate flag hanging in the balcony window right where he had left it. It wasn’t. Up until that point, the debate surrounding his decision to display the infamous banner seemed to lie entirely in Kyle Johnson’s hands, until somebody upped the ante when [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1416

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Judge says isolated redneck comments not proof of discrimination, case against Tyson dismissed 9/17/2009 By Michelle Massey, Texarkana Bureau TEXARKANA, Ark.- A few "redneck" jokes over a period of several years are not enough to substantiate claims of racial discrimination and a hostile work environment, a recent court opinion stated. In a 32-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Harry F. Barnes dismissed the claims of Allen Bishop, an African-American who was hired by [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1415

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School's Confederate clothing ban OK, judge rules By Paul Cloos September 16, 2009 COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A South Carolina teen who sued a school district over the right to wear Confederate-themed clothing to school will appeal a ruling that sides with the district, her attorney said Wednesday. "This is an imminently appealable decision," said Kirk Lyons, an attorney for the Southern Legal Resource Center based in North Carolina. "I think we can [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1414

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Homestead Confederate Flag Fight Not Over Written by ELGIN JONES HOMESTEAD -- In a huge victory for civil rights advocates, the Confederate battle flag was banned this week from the 2009 Veterans Day parade in Homestead. But the fight is not over, supporters of Confederate States organizations say. "We're very disappointed. That's like having the Veterans Day parade without the stars and stripes. These Confederate soldiers are classified by Congress as American [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1413

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Veterans Day Parade Bans Confederate Flag Thursday, September 17, 2009 Yeah, the parade organizers know that TECNHICALLY, Confederate soldiers are American veterans. But they changed their minds (or did they have their minds changed for them?). You decide: Initially, the organizers – the Homestead/ Florida City Chamber of Commerce's Military Affairs Committee – had agreed to allow the flag. But they reversed that decision on Wednesday after Jeffrey Wander, the committee chairman, [...]

27 09, 2009

News 1412

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Confederate Battle Flag A Troubled Symbol Posted 2009-09-19 BROADWAY - The Confederate battle flag has come to represent quite different things to different groups. While many consider the flag a symbol of their heritage and a way to honor ancestors who fought for the South during the Civil War, minority groups have come to see it as a representation of slavery and oppression. Not surprisingly, the flag is often the subject of [...]