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27 09, 2009

News 1411

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Rebel Flag Draws Fire Posted 2009-09-19 Confederate Symbol Gets Two Suspended At BHS By Jeff Mellott BROADWAY - Two Broadway High School students were suspended Thursday afternoon after they defied school officials who repeatedly asked them not to display the Confederate battle flag on their pickup trucks on school property. More suspensions followed Friday, said Rockingham County Schools Superintendent Carolyn Fenn. Fenn said the suspensions, in general, involved students who heatedly talked [...]

21 09, 2009

Hkedgerton 345

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Back to the main articles page      The Boogeyman was not there; An Open Report and Reply (Faith Missionary Academy and Hawthorne Middle High) Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 From: Zane H, Dear H.K., I'm 13 yrs. old and i live in Palm Coast, FL. i have seen your video's on you tube. i think what you stand for and what you do is very inspirational and needs to be spread across [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1409

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UM flag flap: Confederate symbol stirs constitutional controversy By TRISTAN SCOTT of the Missoulian Posted: Monday, September 14, 2009 University of Montana student Kyle Johnson prompted a campuswide First Amendment policy debate earlier this month when he refused to remove a Confederate flag hanging from the balcony outside of his dorm room. When the rebel flag was stolen on Friday afternoon, Johnson promised it would rise again - just as soon as [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1408

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SCV Under Attack Monday, September 14, 2009 The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has come under attack from certain media outlets like MSNBC and The New York Times in their attempt to criticize a South Carolina Congressman who heckled the president during a Joint Session of Congress last week Some of these attacks have sought to label the SCV as hateful and bigoted. These allegations are untrue, unfounded and unfair, and the [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1407

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NC Returns Flag - RI Holds Flag Friday, September 11, 2009 NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Susan Friday Lamb, 919-807-7943 Tom Belton, 919-807-7952 Jackson Marshall, 919-807-7872 N.C. Museum of History Returns CiVIL WAR FLAG TO RHODE ISLAND The North Carolina Museum of History has returned a Civil War flag of Company L, First Rhode Island Cavalry to its home state. The V-shaped flag, called a guidon, was captured by the 63rd North [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1406

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A Rebuttal to "Crooks and Liars" on the Sons of Confederate Veterans Friday, September 11, 2009 The brazen liars at "Crooks and Liars" printed a ton of misinformation yesterday about the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).  Perhaps they should rename their blog as "Crooks, Liars and Cowards" since they delete all comments that refute their positions.  This post will rebut their scurrilous article on the SCV. They printed the following:     Experts [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1405

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Monday, September 14, 2009 Hawthorne High School, Florida Confederate Flag Ban Update Dear Compatriots, I want to personally thank each person who emailed or wrote letters or called the administrators at Hawthorne High and expressed their feelings about the Confederate flag ban imposed by Principal Carter. You made a difference! Principal Carter was "overwhelmed" by the public response. Instead of an outright ban imposed by administration, Principal Carter changed her mind and [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1404

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Rep. Joe Wilson said "the Confederate heritage is very honorable" during SC flag dispute Rep. Joe Wilson is getting his 15 minutes of national fame after bellowing "you lie!" during President Obama's health care address last night. But Wilson earned notoriety in his home state of South Carolina in the late 1990s when, as a state legislator, he was one of the staunchest defenders of flying the Confederate battle flag over the [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1403

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Flag fight may sever Florida City's ties with Homestead chamber Written by ELGIN JONES FLORIDA CITY -- In the latest flap over the display of the Confederate flag at a Veterans Day parade in Homestead, the city's next-door neighbor may cancel its decades-long membership in the Greater Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce. Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace said his city will withdraw its membership in the chamber if Confederate States groups and [...]

16 09, 2009

News 1402

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Student rights questioned in Confederate flag controversy Story by Mike Gerrity | September 11, 2009 Montana Kaimin He could have let it go when the RA told him to take it down. Nobody else gets to hang stuff on the study lounge balcony anyway. What difference would it make? As Kyle Johnson stepped outside the study lounge of the fourth floor of Knowles Hall, his temporary room, and began to take down [...]