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15 10, 2009

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Ken Griffin - 10/14/2009 Message Subject: Thx Thank you for the your rendition of the poem I am the flag! very have become one of my heros. Thx again. Ken griffin on behalf of N.E. Griffin 1st Ga Inf.

14 10, 2009

News 1461

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4,000 Ghosts Honored at Point Lookout Prisoner of War Cemetery ST. MARY'S COUNTY - 10/13/2009 The Captain Vincent Camalier Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans along with the Point Lookout Prisoner of War Association held a Memorial service to honor the 4,000+ prisoners buried at the Confederate cemetery on Point Lookout on Saturday, Oct. 10. According to Jim Dunbar, association head, the event held each year to honor the descendants of those Confederate [...]

14 10, 2009

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Adam J. Walls - 10/14/2009 Message Subject: Pleasure meeting you @ Pt.Lookout H.K. it was great meeting you @ Pt.Lookout on Sat., God has certainly blessed you w/many gifts in life, please keep up the great work!!! Deo Vindice...Adam Walls

14 10, 2009

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Lew Taylor - 10/13/2009 Message Re: Speaking engagement I will talk with some of the other people involved in our library to see if we can put something together. Do you have any plans to be up further on the east coast at any time? Maybe that way we could cut down on some of the expense, or if you know anyone else that would like to work with us to try [...]

14 10, 2009

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Rob Long - 10/13/2009 Wall Posting H.K. You were as impressive as ever at Point Lookout. We are honored that you came to Maryland to speak at our most hallowed Confederate ground. Where is your coin my friend !!

14 10, 2009

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Sean Dunham - 10/8/2009 Wall Posting HK.....I just wanted to say hey, I am not sure if u remember me or not but I used to be with the 63rdNCT...the reenacters. I am in Iraq now as a firefighter for a year.. I hope all is well...Take Care....Keep spreading the truth...

14 10, 2009

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Hollis James Brown IV - 10/9/2009 Wall Posting Thank you for doing what you're doing. Every once and a while I feel bad about being Southern because people like to bring us down. Seeing a man of color with a battle flag really lifts my spirits.

14 10, 2009

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Lew Taylor - 10/12/2009 Message -------------------- Subject: Speaking engagement Hi Mr. Edgerton, I am the director of a small private library on Cape Cod. I am interested in possibly having you as a speaker next spring or summer. We have limited funds, but I feel it never hurts to ask. What would your fee be to come here? We would provide lodging and meals for you and any traveling companion you might [...]

14 10, 2009

Hkedgerton 350

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Back to the main articles page      Point Lookout, Maryland People will talk in great length about Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech, even laud it as one of the greatest ever delivered by King. However, when it comes to putting into practice his vision of the day when sons of former slaves will sit down at the Table of Brotherhood with the sons of former slave owners, few know how [...]

12 10, 2009

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Joe Smith - 10/12/2009 Wall Posting What going on? HK. I'm glad to see you are doing ok and still fighting for our southern heritage. I can't wait to get out of the military and I will be right beside you. God Bless you and may he walk with you in your travels. Have a good one.