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23 12, 2009

News 1540

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Barrett Brown's Revenge! Monday, December 21, 2009 He's back. After his last foray against Dixie, he seemed to have learned a thing or two, and retreated quietly. But now he's gunning for Robert Stacy McCain, one of the South's finest spokesmen, and Brown aims a couple of shots at both the South and the League along the way. Regarding RS McCain, Barrett Brown wrote: "... why he thinks the Confederacy to be [...]

23 12, 2009

News 1539

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HK Edgerton Stands Up for the NC Constitutional Provision that Office Holders Believe in God December 17, 2009 neillpayne My good friend H.K. Edgerton has touched another PC nerve. He wants to force the Asheville city government to abide by the North Carolina Constitutional requirement that office-holders believe in “Almighty God.” Mr. Cecil Bothwell, formerly a self-described atheist who now classifies himself as a “post-theist”, took office as a newly elected city [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1538

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Lee-Jackson Day LEE-JACKSON DAY SATURDAY, JANUARY 16TH, 2010 LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA Event Description: Lee-Jackson Day is a celebration of the lives of two great heroes and most noteworthy citizens of Lexington, Virginia.  Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson were both born near this date which became a longstanding state holiday across the South.  While neither man was born here, both spent the final years of their lives as residents of Lexington.  [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1537

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No ADL, No Hate Crime Laws By Rev. Ted Pike December 20, 2009 The Anti-Defamation League is not backing down from its outrageous claim that millions of Americans are conspiring against Obama! ADL’s recent report, Rage in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies, claims millions of anti-Obama Americans, consumed with "toxic rage," will say almost anything necessary to bring the President down. But spokeswoman Myrna Shinbaum says the backlash against ADL is simply a [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1536

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Home Grown Terror By Rabbi Nachum Shifren December 20, 2009 American Muslims Learn to Slit Throats--in N.Y.??! You gotta love these terrorists! They make a video for the world to see , and tell us that the majority of America are Muslims--WITHOUT A DOUBT! But I ask my fellow Americans tonight to take a closer look at the video: you'll see something that I bet you skipped over. The leaders of [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1535

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How About A New Approach (State Sovereignty)? The one we've been using ain't working By Al Benson Jr. All through the summer and into the autumn and winter I have watched and observed how the federal government has displayed openly the fact that they have no interest in doing what they are supposed to be doing according to the Constitution. Federal actions, via Congress, the Executive Branch, and the rest show that [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1534

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Tours to mark Civil War battle By Galveston Historical Foundation Special to The Daily News Published December 18, 2009 GALVESTON — The Civil War Battle of Galveston, which took place during the early morning hours Jan. 1, 1863, is widely acknowledged as the most important military event in Galveston’s history. On Jan. 8, 9 and 10, Galveston Historical Foundation will host a series of tours to commemorate this battle. Played out on [...]

21 12, 2009

News 1533

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UDC members hold grave marking ceremony for 18 Confederate soldiers Published: December 17, 2009 A most unusual memorial grave marking ceremony was recently held at Maplewood Cemetery in Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee. This was the dedication of markers for 18 Tennessee Colored Confederate Pensioners. Pamela Wood of Sparta and Barbara Parsons of Crossville, both members of the Capt. Sally Tompkins 2123 UDC, attended the impressive ceremony. Cathy Gordon Wood, president of the [...]

18 12, 2009

Facebook 076

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Larry Odle - 12/16/2009 Message HK I am very proud to be your friend on facebook and in real life. I met you at the Lee Jackson Dinner at Wise Va. last year and am looking forward to seeing you again this year. I am a sargent in Co F 29th Va Infy reenactors and in the Cumberland Mountain Rangers SCV in Dickenson Co. Va. Larry Odle