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18 12, 2009

Facebook 075

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Merlins Oak Tree - 12/16/2009 Wall Posting There should be more REAL men like you, Hk. A true patriot, a lover of liberty and truth who does not back down in the face of opposition but stands on the facts of history because you know you're right. There is no need for apologies when one is right. I respect you for your stands and for your love of freedom and honesty and [...]

17 12, 2009

News 1532

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Confederates To Rally At The South Carolina State House on Jan. 23, 2010! Confederate flag supporters from around the South will be rallying at the South Carolina State House in Columbia in order to protest a bill to remove the Confederate Flag titled H-3588 by Trevor Benson Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Confederate flag supporters from around the South will be rallying at the South Carolina State House in Columbia. The rally comes [...]

15 12, 2009

News 1531

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Granite monuments dedicated to Civil War Confederates by Marcus E. Howard December 12, 2009 The newly installed granite monuments honoring Civil War veterans buried in the Marietta Confederate Cemetery were dedicated on Saturday afternoon in a ceremony at Joseph E. Brown Park in Marietta. The series of monuments honor the 1,000 known Confederate soldiers who are buried in the cemetery, adjacent to the park that is owned by the city. A [...]

15 12, 2009

News 1530

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A license to promote ignorance By Daniel Ruth, Times correspondent Friday, December 11, 2009 This is just swell. Just perfect. Florida routinely ranks somewhere between Dogpatch and Haiti when it comes to our educational system, and now a drool of rednecks may well win the opportunity to officially advertise the state's ignorance on yet another specialty license plate. Yee-haw! A few days ago a federal judge — and by the way, irony [...]

15 12, 2009

News 1529

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False accusations on modern day Confederate movement Argues against accusations that have been made on the modern day Confederate Nationalists. by Levi S. Thursday, December 10, 2009 Many people today when they hear the word "Confederate" a parade of thoughts go through their minds, like Civil War, or the South. But most of all, people think of only two things: slavery and racism. Modern day Southern Nationalists have been accused of those [...]

15 12, 2009

News 1528

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Confederate wall of honor to be dedicated By Ralph Ellis The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Three thousand soldiers rest in the Marietta Confederate Cemetery, but nobody knows who lies in most of the graves. Thanks to the foundation that helps maintain the cemetery, a thousand of those soldiers’ names have been rescued from the fog of war and the passage of time. Their names have been carved into smooth granite blocks placed in Brown [...]

14 12, 2009

Hkedgerton 362

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Back to the main articles page      Disgrace Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 From: john strickland - I saw your name on a newsprint concerning the athiest who was sworn in on the council. I had never heard of you before and I wish I had not heard of you today. I am shocked that a god fearing man would try to enforce his personal views over another man. After looking at [...]

10 12, 2009

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Chris Sluder - 12/9/2009 Message Hello, My name is Chris Sluder. I have met you on several occasions including when you visited Temple Baptist School in Asheville. I would just like to say that i appretiate the stand you take and wish there were more like you around. Keep preserving our heritage and God bless!

10 12, 2009

Hkedgerton 361

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Back to the main articles page      The Seating of an athetist & the N.C. Constitution / An Open Letter To: Dear Lt. Governor Dalton, This letter is intended as a notification of an action by the City of Asheville to seat a man on its City Council that is deemed by the North Carolina Constitution to be disqualified under Article VI section 8, and his inability to comply with section 7 [...]