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27 12, 2010

Hkedgerton 403

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Back to the main articles page      End Of The Year / An Open Report The Historical Re-enactment of the Battle of Leatherwood, a place of massive importance, because unlike far too many of these venues where Union Officers and Abraham Lincoln types are far too comfortable in the Southland of America portraying themselves as heroes and going unchallenged in their presentations to our children, parents and unknowledgeable educators by designed of the [...]

16 12, 2010

News 1978

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VICTORY IN ONGOING HARDWICK CASE PROCEEDINGS: APPEALS COURT HANDS CASE BACK TO CIRCUIT COURT The Southern Legal Resource Center eU P D A T E Thursday, December 16, 2010 Published electronically by the Southern Legal Resource Center P.O. Box 1235 Black Mountain, NC 28711 (828)669-5189 RICHMOND, VA – Citing failure of the defendants to address a key element of Candice Hardwick’s in-school Confederate clothing ban case, the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court [...]

16 12, 2010

News 1976

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Terrorists & Socialists Caused Secession From: James King ( Date: Thu, Dec 16, 2010 Subject: [FlagFight] Article-Terrorists & Socialists Caused Secession To: Compatriots, My latest article to be printed in the Albany, Georgia--Albany Herald newspaper is posted below. James W. King Commander SCV Camp 141 Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson Albany Ga. Terrorists And Socialists Caused Southern Secession. The 150 year sesquicentennial begins on December 20, 2010 marking the secession of [...]

16 12, 2010

Facebook 359

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Travis Holt - 12/15/2010 Wall Posting Thanks for the add, Mr. Edgerton. I would like to say I discovered you through the internet and you are an inspiration to Southrons across the South. I sincerely thank you for speaking the truth and standing for what's right and just. Have a great day, sir.

14 12, 2010

Facebook 358

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Barber Rell - 12/14/2010 Message Subject: Thank you sir.. Hi..Mr.Edgerton I just wanted to thank you and let you know your not alone as A black Confederate supporter when I started researching history I found you first thing. It got me in my chest knowing the Naacp black history month want so much just thrown to the wind so many blacks whites dieing for a states rights freedoms and no acknowledgment .I [...]

8 12, 2010

News 1975

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SLRC MAKES MSNBC PAY FOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CONFEDERATE EVENT FOOTAGE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For additional information, contact: Michael Chapman FV Productions (704) 219-2824 -or- Roger McCredie The Southern Legal Resource Center (828) 669-5189 BULLETIN        BULLETIN        BULLETIN SLRC MAKES MSNBC PAY FOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CONFEDERATE EVENT FOOTAGE BLACK MOUNTAIN, NC – After being contacted by the Southern Legal Resource Center, officials at MSNBC say they will pay a North [...]

8 12, 2010

News 1974

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The SCV and the Politically Correct "History" Channel by Al Benson Jr. Lots of people, when they want to view something of a historical nature, turn to the "History" Channel on television. Unfortunately, in many cases, when it comes to real history, that is one of the last places they should go. Over the years, on and off, I have watched some "History" Channel offerings. Many others I have shut off after [...]

8 12, 2010

News 1973

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HISTORY CHANNEL DISCRIMINATION SOUTHERN HERITAGE CALL TO ACTION! Friends & Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, As many of you have already heard by now, the 60-second history segments commemorating the Sesqicentennial of the War which have been produced for the Georgia Division of the SCV have been pulled from the air by the History Channel in Georgia.  This decision was made by Nancy R. Alpert, one of the many vice-presidents [...]

8 12, 2010

News 1972

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HISTORY CHANNEL CAVES TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN GEORGIA Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans PRESS RELEASE (ATLANTA - November 29, 2010)  The nationally syndicated cable television History Channel has made the controversial decision to force cable television companies, including Comcast and Charter, to pull ads paid for by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Georgia commemorating the Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) of the War Between the States. The series of twelve television commercials [...]

7 12, 2010

Facebook 357

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Jeffrey Lovelace - 11/26/2010 Link Comment Greetings Brother H. K., This young black compatriot is a glimmer of hope, in a sea of darkness. It is uplifting to hear the positive side of our struggles to protect our Southern Heritage. I do not have a membership with Facebook, so I will leave the replies up to you on this one. Please give this young man my highest regards. I pray you are [...]