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26 02, 2010

Facebook 138

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Betty Corbitt Callis - 2/26/2010 Wall Posting I am honored, sir. I have heard very many good things said about you from my SCV friends

26 02, 2010

Facebook 137

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Pete Smith - 2/25/2010 Message Subject: Selma School Days Dear Sir: I am a Sgt. with the 31st Ala Reenactors, we would consider it an honor if you could attend School Days and the battle of Selma, this will be the week-end of April 23-25, this is also the 145th anniversary of Selma, there will be well over 1200-1400 children who attend this, school days are that Thursday and Friday which will [...]

26 02, 2010

Facebook 136

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Craig Weiss - Friend Request Hello H.K. It would be an honor to me if you would be my first friend on face book. I know we have never met in person, I am new to all this face book stuff. I am the father of six children. We home school them, and you have added more to their understanding of the south than they could ever have got from a text [...]

26 02, 2010

Facebook 135

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Daemon Huber - 2/26/2010 Message Subject: Entertainment Media Mr. Edgerton, Last night I was watching one of my favorite T.V. shows "Burn Notice" and in the episode the main character goes to a house, and in the window is a Confederate Battle Flag - unfortunately knowing E.M. I figured it wasn't positive, sure enough I was right - and it was a symbol for "White Separatists" in the South. Why do they [...]

26 02, 2010

Facebook 134

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David Malinas - 2/23/2010 Message Subject: Hi Mr. Edgerton! I know that you don't know who I am but I met you once when you were a keynote speaker at my former church (Parkwood Baptist in Greenville, S.C.). They somewhat, fell by the wayside and I moved on to another but I have always remained a huge supporter of you. Keep up the good work H.K. but be very careful. There are [...]

26 02, 2010

Facebook 133

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John Belcher - 2/22/2010 Wall Posting The truth is never more eloquent than when it comes from you. Keep up the great work hope to see you at our Guyandotte event soon

26 02, 2010

Facebook 132

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Stephen Seymour - 2/25/2010 Message Subject: howdy thanks for all your work showin that the confederate flag is not racist

25 02, 2010

News 1634

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So You've Been Told Secession Was Illegal--guess what? It wasn't! By Al Benson Jr. So you were told in your government school “history” class that Southern secession was illegal--that Jeff Davis and all those nasty Southern folks were really nothing but traitors to the glorious Union. You see the same thing in “news” articles and on the Internet. Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve heard many born and raised in the South parrot [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1633

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Colonel Reb still enlists support, controversy as Ole Miss vote nears By Linda A. Moore Posted February 14, 2010 Thousands of University of Mississippi students have enrolled, matriculated and graduated without ever seeing an official mascot. In 2003, Ole Miss officials retired Colonel Reb, its bearded Southern gentleman, leaving the school with no costumed character on the sidelines at athletic events. However, a student vote on Feb. 23 could change that. The [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1632

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Anti-SCV petition to President Obama Monday, February 15, 2010 This petition to President Obama is circulating among the usual leftist circles, and is reportedly receiving numerous signatures. Here is what the petition demands: ... in addition to ending the practice of sending a Presidential wreath to the Confederate memorial in Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, I ask you to revoke the SCV’s participation as a recognized charity in the Combined Federal [...]