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25 02, 2010

News 1631

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The Story of Ephraim Robinson (Part 15) by Bill Vallante There is something quite poignant about Ephraim Robinson’s story but for the life of me I just can’t put down into words why I get a lump in my throat whenever I read it. Despite being thankful that he was free when the war was over, his heart was with the South and he had showed no regrets about his service to [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1630

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Blood In The Fight (Part 14) by Bill Vallante As in the case of the word “Heritage”, I suppose you’ve got to be southern to understand the meaning of this phrase. Come to think of it, the only folks I’ve ever heard use it are Southerners!? Nelson Taylor Densen’s very colorful narrative epitomizes “Blood in the Fight”. His words give a good picture of the sentiment – as well as some of [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1628

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Putnam group plans new home for Confederate grave February 14, 2010 By Veronica Nett Staff writer CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- During the height of the Civil War, Capt. Philip James Thurmond of the Confederate army was shot and killed during one of many skirmishes in Winfield. His body was buried in an unmarked grave near what is now the Putnam County Courthouse complex, where it has remained for nearly 150 years. Late next [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1627

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Secession in the Air by Patrick J. Buchanan   No, it is not 1860 again. But with all the talk of the 10th Amendment, nullification and interposition, states rights and secession – following Gov. Rick Perry's misstatement that Texas, on entering the Union in 1845, reserved in its constitution a right to secede – one might think so. Chalk up another one for those Tea Party activists who exploded in cheers when [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1626

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Capitol Monuments Challenged (Again) Saturday, February 13, 2010 Capitol Monuments Challenged (Again) Spring is coming soon, so it's time for the annual attack on Confederate monuments at the North Carolina State Capitol. This time around, the N.C. Historic Commission is concerned about the "underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities at the State Capitol and on the grounds." The Historic Commission, apparently run by the same crowd who is trying to "diversify" history [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1625

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OP-ED: Jim Limber Davis -- Rescued by the Confederacy's First Lady Feb. 12, 2010   By Calvin E. Johnson Jr. Special to   February is Black History Month.   In 1989, a magazine article caught my eye which I had to read from beginning to end. This was not an ordinary story but about a black child, a Confederate President's First Lady and the Southern Presidential Family. The story was written [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1624

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Lincoln Hypocrisy Commentary by Steve Scroggins, 3/18/07 OK, folks, this is a test of your knowledge of American history. Look briefly below at the hyperlink in the next paragraph---then return here. What was your first reaction? If it was laughter, a guffaw or incredulous bafflement (What!!!???), then perhaps there is hope for you. If your reaction was not immediate rejection of the premise, then you need education to overcome your indoctrination in [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1623

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It's My 'Heritage'! (Part 13) by Bill Vallante Say the word “Heritage” to most Americans who have been raised in parts of the country other than the South and what you’ll usually get is a blank stare. To an outsider I suppose, it isn’t easy to understand. It appears though that Allen Price had a good understanding of its importance. But then, Allen was a Southerner! Allen Price, Texas, (The Slave Narratives) [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1620

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Sherman's advance on SC's capital commemorated   Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010 COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A reenactment of Union troops firing on the South Carolina Statehouse is one of the events marking what are known as the longest days in the state capital. The Saturday events commemorate Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's 1865 advance on Columbia. Re-enactors will fire on the capital from the West Columbia side of the Congaree River, just as [...]

25 02, 2010

News 1619

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"The Commies' Favourite President"   By Al Benson Jr. Anyone that has taken the trouble to really check into the career of “Honest Abe” and who has not been conned into buying all the glitz about his wonderful, compassionate, Christian character, has got to realize that, in regard to Mr. Lincoln, the American people have been sold a bill of goods rivaled only by those who sell shares in the Brooklyn Bridge. [...]