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30 03, 2010

Facebook 164

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Mike Walter - 3/29/2010 Message Subject: csa My name is Mike Walter. I am with camp 2152 in Coats NC. I admire what you do and if you are ever around this area I would love to meet you. People see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and they are dead wrong. It is about southern heritage. I wish more people could understand that however our public schools teach different. [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1700

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Are we Northern? Southern? Yes. March 28, 2010 Frederick N. Rasmussen Brian Witte, an Associated Press writer, recently revived an old debate that's been going on since Palm Sunday, April 9, 1865, when the Army of Northern Virginia stacked its arms, parked its artillery and furled its flags for the last time at Appomattox Court House, Va. The bloody Civil War had at long last come to an end with a handshake [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1698

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Confederate flag sparks protest rally Mar 28, 2010 COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - A rally formed Saturday in the state's capital over the much debated Confederate flag that flies on the grounds of the statehouse. Protesters packed the area surrounding the capitol building asking South Carolina state leaders to respectively retire the flag from display. "I think it's a really important issue," said Rachel Oglesby, "and I think it's way past time that [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1697

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Support The Sesquicentennial Website Friday, March 26, 2010 This first-class website will tell the story of and honor the brave North Carolinians who served, fought, suffered and died in a Second War of Independence for the Old North State. The patriotism, the people, the self-sacrifice, the leaders, the regiments, their battles; and most importantly the reasons for choosing self-determination and political liberty in 1861 will be examined and presented from a truly [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1696

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Stand Up For Your Confederate Southern Heritage Posted by KATHY KATTENBURG Mar 26th, 2010 If you are a Southerner with Confederate ancestors, you are subjected to persecution and intimidation just because of your ethnic and national origins. But not to worry, because Kirk D. Lyons, an attorney working for an organization called the Southern Legal Resource Center, has your back: With roughly one week until census forms are due, a group of [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1694

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Appeals court upholds removal of Confederate plaques Since-repealed provision dedicated state Supreme Court Building to Confederate veterans when it was built. By Mike Ward AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Published: Friday, March 26, 2010 An Austin appellate court on Friday upheld the removal a decade ago of two politically charged plaques at the state Supreme Court building bearing the Confederate battle flag and seal. The black and gold plaques, installed in the 1960s under a [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1693

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Next time, let them secede? Friday March 26, 2010 The reaction among Europeans to passage of President Obama’s modest health care reform bill (with no public option) won backhanded praise that the United States had finally entered the 20th century -- not quite the 21st -- in terms of providing a social security network for its citizens. But in reality, there are a number of states in this country, including most of [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1692

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War Crimes of Lincoln, Grant and Sherman Tuesday, November 10, 2009 By Murray N. Rothbard Sherman’s infamous March through Georgia was one of the great war crimes, and crimes against humanity, of the past century-and-a-half. Because by targeting and butchering civilians, Lincoln and Grant and Sherman paved the way for all the genocidal honors of the monstrous 20th century. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about memory, about [...]

30 03, 2010

News 1691

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The Lunatic Left Is Getting Desperate by Thomas J. DiLorenzo       The Huffington Post recently (March 18) sunk to a new low by publishing an attack on “Ron Paul and the Tea Parties: States’ Rights and the 17th Amendment” by one Leonard Zeskind, a “former” Stalinist rabble-rouser. According to Laird Wilcox, author of The Watchdogs, a book about contemporary political movements, Zeskind began his communistic career of agitprop in the ’70s [...]