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27 05, 2010

Facebook 228

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William Coe - 5/23/2010 Message Subject: A friend... Mr. Edgerton, I am asking a favor if I may that you friend a young man that I met this past Friday at a High School history day. His name is Zakiy Powell. He's a Stonewall Jackson fan and good with history. I gave him some info about the Confederacy and how there were black Confederates during the war. It made him think and [...]

27 05, 2010

Facebook 227

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Harry Crocker - 5/24/2010 Wall Posting Hey compadre, glad to see Dixie Outfitters using your image on their shirts. i just ordered one. listed under modern day heroes.

27 05, 2010

Facebook 226

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Stephen Seymour - 5/24/2010 Message Subject: howdy hk i cant thank you enough for showing the truth about the CSA flag i know the truth i now how its not racist but really stands for freedom against a tyrrany government and represents the good ole land of cotton just thanks for your work about spreading the truth im not trying to tell you what to do but you need to visit the [...]

24 05, 2010

Facebook 225

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Zakiy Powell - 5/23/2010 Message Subject: Books Hello Mr Edgerton. William Coe came to my school and was schooling about black confederates during the Civil War. I'm really interested in learning more about my people's contribution in this war and all other aspects of American History. If you could send me a list of book's or any other educational tools you know about i would be eternally grateful. Also thank you for [...]

24 05, 2010

Facebook 224

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Matt Connolly - 5/24/2010 Message Subject: hello I saw you on you-tube and i would have to say sir I am confused. Now I was born and raised in northern california and I am man enough to say that i may have been brainwashed now I am not one of thouse politically correct liberal types I was from no fault of my own taught that the civil war was fought by the [...]

21 05, 2010

Facebook 223

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Olga Kaufman - 5/21/2010 Wall Posting You, my friend.....need to live forever......We need you..... ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton - Date: Fri, May 21, 2010 Dear Ms. Olga, God bless you, and thanks for the very kind message. I have been so blessed by God. There is something so special about being on this world and being born Southern. I have felt the love that Christ talked about from my Southern family, [...]

21 05, 2010

Facebook 222

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Ralph Feo - 5/20/2010 Message Subject: Greetings Dear Mr. Edgerton, I do appreciate your support and defense of the Andrew's Cross flag. Do you have a schedule or itinerary of places where you speak or appear at reenactments? It would be great to meet you. Take care and God Bless you. Sincerely Yours; Ralph

19 05, 2010

Facebook 221

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Jamie Funkhouser - 5/18/2010 Message Subject: A march of honor Mr. Edgerton. I am planning a march sometime between this winter and next summer to honor Confederates and the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. Im just in the thought process now, but i am very serious about this. I am thinking of a multi state travel like what you did fom North Carolina to Texas. Im thinking somthing like [...]

17 05, 2010

Facebook 220

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Cindy Rambeau - 5/16/2010 Message Subject: A Note I wanted to write you something, Sir. I have not had a chance to chat with you, 'cause I am over at the Dixie Outfitters Wall, trying to educate so many on Our True Southern History. Although, I have not ever had the Priviledge of Meeting you, I have watched you're Video's and you are so Incredible. You are doing so much Mr H.K. [...]

17 05, 2010

News 1813

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A WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS From Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson May 15, 2010 We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and watched O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes every night. When we got back home, we upgraded our cable to get Fox. I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially, because I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then, in [...]