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14 06, 2010

Facebook 249

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Cindy Rambeau - 6/12/2010 Comment Subject: Good Saturday To You Mr. Hk, Sir, Hope you are doing well. I would like to say, I am sorry for not asking you first, before I put up Ray McBerry for Georgia Gov. on Your Wall. I didn't mean to be rude. Please take this down if you wish. I just thought we are all on the same team, especially with States Rights. Also, Hk, [...]

10 06, 2010

News 1846

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How H.K. Edgerton spent Memorial Day by H.K.Edgerton in Vol. 16 / Iss. 46 on 06/09/2010 On Saturday morning, May 29, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and station myself at the corner of Main Street in the beautiful city of Black Mountain, North Carolina. I had been there for an hour or so basking in the love of those who passed by waving, blowing their car horns, shouting [...]

10 06, 2010

News 1845

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New Boston schools rethink policy after Confederate flag flap June 09. 2010 Parent upset Soviet colors OK but not those of Confederacy Steve Pardo / The Detroit News New Boston -- School board members promised to review their policy on self-expression following a controversy featuring the unlikely pairing of the flags of the Confederacy and the former Soviet Union. Edward Huntington told board members Monday they displayed a double standard when they [...]

10 06, 2010

Facebook 248

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Linda Discher - 6/8/2010 Photo Comment Handsome shirt, it is a nice tribute to a great MAN. ............Thanks for your dedication to the truth, HK. We are proud of you. May God give you the strength to carry on. You have done well, honored your heritage and opened a lot of eyes.

8 06, 2010

News 1844

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Visitors to gather for Confederate Decoration Day By Matt Lakin June 4, 2010 The men who died a century and a half ago will receive their annual visitors this weekend. Sons of Confederate Veterans members will gather Saturday to observe Confederate Decoration Day, the second time the ceremony's been held since local members revived the tradition last year. They hope to see it continue as an annual event. "It's just a [...]

8 06, 2010

News 1843

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Pride and Dignity: In Defense of the Confederate Flag Dr. Robert D. Crane Jun 4, 2010 The current discussion in Muslim egroups about the horror of flying the Confederate Flag suggests that too many Muslims are out of touch with America.  Pride in the Confederate Flag is a cultural thing.  In our public schools we have been brought up to associate it with support for slavery, because opposition to slavery was how [...]

8 06, 2010

News 1842

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Who Is Reverend Herman White? Friday, June 4, 2010 Answer: Reverend Herman White is the Church of God pastor who has been libeled on the Civil War Mendacity web site. According to the CWM site, Reverend White has a heart full of  "a lot of racist and historically inaccurate crap." Why such a hateful comment? Because Reverend White "disparaged the Gettysburg Address as 'political garbage',” and questioned abolitionist distortions by citing the [...]

8 06, 2010

Facebook 246

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Ron Colson - 6/4/2010 Wall Posting Brother Edgerton, now it's time to get you a case of Sharpies and schedule some shirt signings. You know these things will sell faster than books. Heck, everbody knows us dumb ole Southern Rednecks can't read no how! :-) Just tell me where. I'd love to have one, especially with your autograph.

8 06, 2010

Facebook 245

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John Bryan Jacobs - 6/4/2010 Comment I do, an have admired, an respected u sinse the first time I heard about U. I salute U Sir an all Ur endevers Hope someday 2 actually meet u an shake Ur hand Thank U sir