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19 07, 2010

Facebook 270

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Stephanie Nichole Leonard-Davis - 7/17/2010 Photo Comment Mr. Edgerton proves that not all blacks have a chip on their shoulder and that many did in fact fight under the Confederate banner. Being of Irish Stock myself alot of Irish were slaves too .Yet many of them fought for the South as well.

19 07, 2010

News 1865

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The Untold Story Friday, July 16, 2010 by David Ware As the Sesquicentennial unfolds, we will be indoctrinated with stories of how blacks deserted the South and flocked to the Union army to fight for their freedom. Nothing will be said about the majority millions who stayed behind in loyalty, friendship and patriotic devotion to their southern homeland. Blacks came to this continent in Virginia at Jamestown in 1619. During the [...]

19 07, 2010

Facebook 269

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Laura Reagan - 7/16/2010 Message Subject: Fort Dickerson School Day Hk, Could I prevail upon you to attend School Day at Fort Dickerson in Knoxville? Bless their hearts, these school children need some truth. Please consider. Dates for Fort Dickerson are Nov. 12-14, the 12th for area school kids. They need learnin' and you are the best teacher I have ever heard!! All my best to you!! Laura ************************************************** From: HK Edgerton [...]

19 07, 2010

Facebook 268

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Stephen Mark Strickland - 7/15/2010 Message Subject: Greetings, FINALLY Hello Mr. Edgerton, After reading a length article about you a few years ago, I tried desperately to get in touch with you. If I am not mistaken, I made it as far a your brothers office ? I think that I was told that he was an attorney in Ashville ? I cannot remember. Anyway,.....I just want for you to know how [...]

14 07, 2010

News 1864

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The Dominance of Southern Culture 11 July 2010 "The south has produced the world's best literature. It dominates world culture. Southern culture is the most powerful and expressive in the world." ~ Timothy Tyson   "The American South is a geographical entity, a historical fact, a place in the imagination, and the homeland of an array of Americans who consider themselves southerners. The region is often shrouded in romance and myth, but [...]

14 07, 2010

News 1863

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Few salute South Carolina's Confederate compromise 2000 decision to move flag from State House dome angers many, but lawmakers aren't ready to revisit issue. By John O'Connor Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010 COLUMBIA A decade after striking the compromise that removed the Confederate battle flag from the State House dome, S.C. political leaders said they have no interest in revisiting the debate despite lingering objections. Ten years ago - on July 1, [...]

14 07, 2010

News 1862

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Intelligence and Poverty (-stricken lawyers) Saturday, July 10, 2010 Deconstructing SPLC "Intelligence" Reports I see from a Facebook post that the poverty-stricken lawyers in their multi-story Airstream in the Cradle of the Confederacy have the Museum of the Confederacy in their, um, figurative gun sights. I haven't read but a paragraph or two of the hit piece (which goes on and on and on for pages and pages and pages -- this [...]

14 07, 2010

News 1861

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Confederate Flags Create Controversy At Hanover Tomato Festival Sons of Confederate Soldiers hand out free confederate flags sparking outrage from some festival-goers. Catie Beck, Staff Reporter Prepared by Sandi Cauley CBS 6 July 11, 2010 HANOVER COUNTY - The confederate flag can often stir emotions. For some it stirs pride and for others - outrage. At last weekend's Hanover Tomato Festival it was getting both reactions and may have sent some festival-goers [...]

14 07, 2010

Facebook 267

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Anna Vallone - 7/13/2010 Message Dear Mr Edgerton, I am very depressed over what Obama is doing to our country....and now the New Black Panthers are saying they want to kill "crackers" and our babies, and they support Obama, and he supports them! I am very depressed, and I feel hate for many blacks because of this. I can admit this to you. I was raised by a colored lady named Miss [...]

13 07, 2010

News 1859

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Why POTUS Loves to Visit Asheville, NC: It's All About Liberals! There is some North Carolina history you might not be aware of, a state run by Democrats and their good-old-boy politicians. ************************************************************************ It is why I was not surprised by the story titled, Pastor Yanked From Capitol Over 'Jesus' Prayer, run on July 9, 2010. FOX News reported that the honorary chaplain of the North Carolina state house of representatives, Pastor [...]