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30 08, 2010

News 1895

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The 1861 Magnolia Flag August 17, 2010 Last week, I noted that the Mississippi NAACP will ask the Southeastern Conference to rule out Pearl as a host site for their annual baseball tournament because of the state flag. Rep. Greg Snowden wrote about the issue on his Clarion-Ledger blog yesterday, and I strongly recommend you check it out. He makes this very valid point about the 2001 flag vote: “It is my [...]

30 08, 2010

News 1894

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South rebel flag to remain By Bill Christian August 16, 2010 Students at Sullivan South High School will be allowed to fly the rebel flag during football games and other sporting events this year. After numerous complaints to Sullivan County schools, a committee was formed to look at the concerns. "We felt like that our school has a perception issue that other people from other areas might perceive that flag in a [...]

30 08, 2010

News 1893

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Why Texas Joined The Confederacy August 16th, 2010 Wick Allison Julia Barton at the Texas Observer has a fascinating post about a little-known incident (at least to me) that pushed Texas into the Confederate column. In 1858, Texas had elected a pro-Union slate of officials, including the venerable Sam Houston. Two years later, mass hysteria swept the state about a possible abolitionist plot. Known as the “Texas Troubles,” it led to slave [...]

30 08, 2010

News 1892

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No more SPLC for me! Saturday, August 14, 2010 That's what this ex-supporter said after defending his local Tea Party: I have attended eight meetings of the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party near my home town as well as one or two in my home town of Olive, New York. I did not detect a single instance of racism. There is more racism on the CUNY faculty than in the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party. I [...]

30 08, 2010

News 1891

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FAIR Exposes Unscrupulous Tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center Saturday, August 14, 2010 Finally! Now this is a job that needed to be done! Hats off to FAIR for putting this together: The Media Department at the Federation for American Immigration Reform has just published a "Guide to Understanding the Tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center in the Immigration Debate." The guide was designed to help journalists better understand the [...]

30 08, 2010

News 1890

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Growing up Southern Monday, August 16, 2010 How did we survive without the nanny state? And what kept us from degenerating into anarchy without strict government supervision? Fred Reed was alive and on the move in those days, and knows the answer: In today’s world of over-policing by militarized hostile cops, of metal-detectors and police in schools and compulsory anger-management classes and enforced ingestion of Ritalin or Prozac, King George sounds, well, [...]

30 08, 2010

Facebook 310

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Trisha Price - 8/25/2010 Wall Posting Mr Edgerton, I have read a lot about the truth you present to the public on the war,and find it so refreshing. To know there is someone out there that is willing to give so much of there self as you are doing,to help others that have been s...o blinded by the ignorance of what they have so wrongfully been brought up being taught. And trying [...]

30 08, 2010

Facebook 309

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Jesse Bennett - 8/22/2010 Message Subject: Confederate Flag I have seen your video clips YouTube. And Southern Heritage 411 I enjoy them I Am From Charleston, SC.but I live Jacksonville, FL. All so Fly Confederate Flag to with The American Flag. Keep up Fight For our Southern Heritage and our Confederate Flag Jesse Bennett

30 08, 2010

Facebook 308

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Jonathan McCardle - 8/21/2010 Wall Posting Hello Mr. Edgerton How are you Thought That I would tell you that I heard on our local news network that They will not consider playing in MS in the SEC tornament because of the flag that we fly I believe that they are using this as an excuse not to come here I think its a poor and lame excuse.

30 08, 2010

Facebook 307

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Jeff Martin - 8/20/2010 Message Hk, I am Jeff Martin, 1st Lt. Commander of Camp 1860, Dahlonega, GA. I met you at an event in Cleveland, GA and I have always treasured talking with you for that hour of so. I admire your passion for our beloved South and share that love for it with you although I lack your ability to portray that to others I give it my best each [...]