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30 08, 2010

Facebook 306

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Anna Vallone - 8/20/2010 Wall Posting Dear Mr Edgerton, I am just dropping by to say hello, and to thank you for everything you do to defend the Southland. The more Southrons I meet (of all races), the more I see I need to get out of Yankee territory before I lose my mind. Its so unfriendly here.

30 08, 2010

Facebook 305

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Harles Shiver - 8/19/2010 Message Brother Edgerton, I am sure you get many messages thanking you for what you do to help our fellow citizens understand the truth of our history. I am 65 years young and I can't think of anyone I admire more than I do yourself. You are an inspiration and at the same time a chastizement to me and an encouragement to do more to combat the lies [...]

26 08, 2010

Hkedgerton 389

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Back to the main articles page      Donations Approximately two weeks ago in reply for several request for me to come to Mississippi, I wrote that if all my friends on Facebook and else where would send me one dollar that I would put Mississippi on my schedule for November. I am happy to report that yesterday I received from a baby boy of eight years old an envolope containing an old silver [...]

20 08, 2010

News 1889

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A Convenient Doctrine Thursday, 12 August 2010 Out of Power, the Republicans Suddenly Discover States' Rights By Paul E. Gottfried A young libertarian friend of mine Thomas Woods is, no doubt, making a fortune on his latest book, Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century, recently published by the Republican-affiliated Regnery Press. Those who are promoting this work are for the most part GOP publicists and FOX-news celebrities. The relevant [...]

20 08, 2010

News 1888

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Community and Heritage Tuesday, August 17, 2010 by David Ware “The South was always proud and independent and believed with the Founding Fathers, that centralized and powerful government invariably slides into tyranny. But the North, less proud, less conscious of national tradition, less independent, less manly in many ways, craves the dictator’s hand, the tyrants force, for many of its people have come from nations whose people were subjected to and dependent [...]

17 08, 2010

Facebook 304

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Oscar Sonny Smith - 8/17/2010 Wall Posting good morning sir!! thank you for your knidness in accepting me as your friend...i'm very glad to see that you are a person who speaks what they feel and believe..i wish that somehow i could get to meet you, i also do not believe in slaves, but we all are in someway slaves to the goverment..and i am not p.correct, i'm just a person who [...]

17 08, 2010

Facebook 303

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Steven Hayes - 8/15/2010 Message Rebel Yell - I met you in stuart VA 04 or 05. I was with my wife she was all happy to here you we talk to your brother, we got the dvd I just watch somebody in a tea party flyin our flag & people were askin him about why he had that flag at the tea party & he say your name!!!

17 08, 2010

Facebook 302

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Jeff Dale Ford - 8/12/2010 Wall Post Comment I hope that our paths cross in person in the future mr edgerton ill have to treat you to some ms hospitality, in the meantime ill start researching how to get a fundraiser on fb and other sources btw anyone out there that is more computer literate than I please feel free to msg me if you have any info or ideas that may [...]

17 08, 2010

Facebook 301

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David Kralik - 8/12/2010 Wall Posting God bless you, HK Edgerton. You are, sir, in my mind, an American Hero and a great role model for our nation.

17 08, 2010

Facebook 300

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Carl Jones - 8/12/2010 Message Re: Burn the Confederate Flag Your words are golden Brother. I wish there were more of us here in the South that see things as you and I do. Keep fighting the good fight. You're a credit to our cause. Your Brother, Carl