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17 08, 2010

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Michael Huye - 8/12/2010 Wall Post Comment The Left will call you an Uncle TOM TOM for that one. While I know that it started out to protect people that were disenfranchised by the war, it's weakest links were responsible for atrocities that were spawn in the pits of hell. Strange fruit....comes to mind. If we are to rebuild our society on the best of Southern virtues I think we'll have to [...]

17 08, 2010

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Estelle T. Barada - 8/12/2010 Wall Post Comment We were taught a one sided history in schools and by our parents. There is so much to learn in order to heal and grow! Thank you Mr. Edgerton.

17 08, 2010

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Billy Mason - Friend Request God bless you my brother!!! What you stand for is about Heritage... and NOT Hate. I fly the 3rd National Proudly because of my heritage, but hate no one for their color. We are all children of God. The truth about Slavery and the Civil War needs to be known. I would love to meet you one of these days if you ever come to Arkansas. Take [...]

17 08, 2010

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Stephanie Nichole Leonard - 8/13/2010 Wall Post Comment I plan on it HK. You will be a breath of fresh air.. you wont see or hear the truth in our public schools.If folks want to speak out against the Christian Cross of St Andrew than they most certainly need to speak out against the American Flag. It was under that flag that Native Americans were slaughtered and oppressed and it was the [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1887

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MEXICAN TEXANS IN THE CIVIL WAR Secession and the Civil War deeply divided the Mexican Americans  of Texas (Tejanos). Accusations of subversion and disloyalty before the war resulted in a reluctance by many of them to become involved in the conflict. Those who joined militia units in South Texas and on the frontier frequently did so out of a fear of being sent out of the state and away from their families. [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1886

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Women aided Confederates in Civil War By Johnny Vardeman August 8, 2010   The American home front is well known for supporting its fighting men and women in its wars. Local organizations in all wars have prepared bandages, food, stationery, shaving and other personal items especially during World Wars I and II. It continued through the Korean and Vietnam wars. Many individuals and groups back home send "care packages" to American troops [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1885

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Confederate sub Hunley to offer researchers a new view next year BY BRIAN HICKS Friday, August 6, 2010 CHARLESTON -- Scientists hope to soon see a new side of the Hunley. The starboard side, that is. On Friday, officials at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center announced plans to rotate the Civil War-era submarine into an upright position early next year. That move will allow scientists their first look at an entire [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1884

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Confederate Monument rededicated at Franklin County Courthouse The monument was destroyed in 2007 when a car slammed into it Matthew Moran Web Staff August 7, 2010 ROCKY MOUNT, Va — A confederate monument destroyed last year at the Franklin County Courthouse has been re-dedicated. A ceremony was held outside the courthouse in Rocky Mount Saturday. The monument was destroyed in June of 2007 when John Ozmore, Jr. crashed into the base. Ozmore [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1883

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Spartanburg County Confederate soldiers to be honored By Linda Conley Sunday, August 8, 2010 Spartanburg County Confederate soldiers will be honored in a ceremony next weekend by their descendants. The S.C. Division of the Children of the Confederacy and a chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and a camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are holding a monument rededication at 5 p.m. Aug. 14 in Duncan Park. If it [...]

16 08, 2010

News 1882

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More liberal double standards? August 3 Wilmington Conservative Examiner Kevin Whiteman In a July 23, 2010 op/ed piece, columnist Leonard Pitts comes out in favor of the controversial mosque that is proposed for construction at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. As Pitts wrote; (emphasis mine) "... the Constitution does not carry an escape clause. We do not get to jettison our national ideals just because they cause pain or provoke. To the [...]