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30 09, 2010

Hkedgerton 393

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Back to the main articles page      An Open Report / Where Have You Been? I began in early March where I would attend the re-scheduled Lee - Jackson Banquet in Kentucky alongside General Lee portrayed by the Honorable David Chaltas, and not to forget Generals Jackson and the Honorable Jeb Stuart who were also in attendance. It is always an honor to speak about the lives of two great men like Jackson [...]

30 09, 2010

Facebook 319

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Linda Hoy - 9/28/2010 Message Subject: thank you Hello. Thank you very much for friending this "yankee." I do have Southern roots in Virginia that go way back to 1620. When it comes to Civil War history in my family - I am sadly clueless. Things just fail to add up! Family stories of slaveholders (in the North? That side of the family was pretty freakin poor come 1900) and a little [...]

28 09, 2010

Facebook 318

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Lidia Moore - 9/27/2010 Message Subject: What can we do to protect our flag ? Dear Mr. Edgerton, I am a white male (married to a hispanic female), that loves my southern heritage and my flag. Like most southerners, at this point we feel like we will be called a racist, if we do wear the flag. How do we protect our heritage, without being persecuted for it....or can we ? God [...]

28 09, 2010

Facebook 317

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Joseph Ogburn - Message Good day sir. I have studied the War of Northern Agression all of my life, and teach the truth to all that will listen. You sir, are a hero to the Confederate States. God Bless you.

28 09, 2010

Facebook 316

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Daniel Brown - 9/27/2010 Message Subject: Thank you for your service! That means a lot Sir, it truly does. I want to give back to the cause of the South in a tremendous way when I make it. I know ALL things are possible through Christ who strengthens us! I've watched videos on who you are and what you do and I am so touched by your vigor and persistence for our [...]

21 09, 2010

News 1925

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Black Civil Rights Mafia Betrays Black America By Lloyd Marcus September 4, 2010 I am a black man alerting my fellow Americans about a tremendous evil which is going on in our great country. Despite the wonderful racial gains we have made in terms of coming together, not as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans, black civil rights dinosaurs and their liberal white guilt ridden sycophants campaign to "Keep Hate Alive." The [...]

21 09, 2010

News 1924

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Daughters of Confederacy proud of rebel roots by Coty Dolores Miranda Sept. 4, 2010 Special for The Republic Southeast Valley members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy don't buy political correctness. Guided by their group's motto of "Love, live, pray, think, dare," they're proud of their ancestral roots to veterans or civil-service members who honorably served the Confederate States of America. Like other members of the 116-year-old national organization, they're proud [...]

21 09, 2010

News 1923

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Confederates defended Littlle Rock from Union advance Mike Duncan 147 years ago, Central Arknasas was the scene for several Civil War battles. They were the first shots fired to defend Little Rock. On August 27, 1863 the Confederates stood in the way of a Union advance just south of Jacksonville at Reed's Bridge. On this day, several Civil War history buffs have come here to re-enact this historic battle. "Yeah, I mean [...]

21 09, 2010

News 1922

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The American Lenin Thursday, September 16, 2010 by L. Neil Smith It's harder and harder these days to tell a liberal from a conservative -- given the former category's increasingly blatant hostility toward the First Amendment, and the latter's prissy new disdain for the Second Amendment -- but it's still easy to tell a liberal from a libertarian. Just ask about either Amendment. If what you get back is a spirited [...]

21 09, 2010

News 1921

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Confederate re-enactors remember soldier A memorial service for James Simon Bailey, 1839 - 1908, Company G, 60th Regiment, Georgia CSA on Sunday, Oct. 3, at 3 p.m. at Jennings Lake Cemetery. The children of James S Bailey are Jane Ann Bailey Knighten, Jefferson Timothy Bailey, Larcinia Bailey Suggs, Mary Penina Bailey Nash, Ella Bailey Cooper Nash Knighten, James Wiley Bailey, William Redmond Bailey, Silvia Bailey Moore, Ashley Bailey, John Gordon Bailey, Sidney [...]