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16 11, 2010

Hkedgerton 402

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Back to the main articles page      Your Efforts Bring Great Honor to The South and our Country as a whole! On Tue, Nov 16, 2010, John Anderson - wrote: Dear Mr. Edgerton, It is with great admiration and respect that I write to you this afternoon. I will not go into all the details and facts of why I take this opportunity to make contact with you at this time other [...]

15 11, 2010

Facebook 349

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Rick Smith - 11/9/2010 Message Subject: Heritage Violation Brother HK, thought I was gonna have to call ya for help! I'm working at the Morgan State University college here in Baltimore Maryland, well the Dean of the college seen my SCV state issued license plates and had a fit and wrote letters about how he was offended by my Battle Flag. I collected enough info about blacks in the Confederate Armies, blacks [...]

15 11, 2010

Facebook 348

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Kevin Thomas - 11/8/2010 Message Subject: An Honor Sir it was my Honor to meet you this past weekend at Guyandotte WV. I admire your courage and your wisdom. I was the one wanting the 2x t-shirt with your picture and please sign. Address is Kevin Thomas H.C.61 box 174 New Martinsville WV 26155. Please return address so I may pay you for it and again sir it was an Honor and [...]

15 11, 2010

Facebook 347

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Lonnie Vannatter - 11/5/2010 Message Subject: hello I just attended your meeting in Guyandotte tonight. I enjoyed it and wanted to thank you personally for coming. Though West Virginia split from the Confederacy in 1863 the fight for independence was had just begun. A lot people believe that the Civil War was about slavery and to an extent this is true...However men on both sides of the war fought for what they [...]

15 11, 2010

Facebook 346

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Maeve Magdalen - 11/3/2010 Status Comment I have been listening to the mainstream media as they talk politics today, and hear them structure their arguments to continue the strife. I take joy in conservative media, which cuts through the self-serving nonsense and speaks truly of solutions. Listening to the liberal judges, I hear the same murky, self-serving, divisive nonsense. And then with HK, there is truth that those of us who have [...]

15 11, 2010

Facebook 345

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Chris Selman - 11/3/2010 Wall Posting Mr. are a true inspiration for the rest of Dixie. May you be blessed during your travels. Carry on sir!

10 11, 2010

News 1965

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Lincoln's slow dance with abolishing slavery Though he blamed slavery for 'discord,' he was initially unwilling to threaten his wartime coalition by supporting emancipation By John David Smith Special Correspondent Posted: Sunday, Nov. 07, 2010 In his lucid "The Fiery Trial," historian Eric Foner charts Abraham Lincoln's emerging attitudes on slavery and race from his youth along the Kentucky-Indiana-Illinois frontier to his final days. On racial matters, Foner writes, "the hallmark of [...]

10 11, 2010

Hkedgerton 401

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Back to the main articles page      Pictures from Guyandotte, West Virginia From: Date: Mon, Nov 8, 2010 Subject: Pic's from Guyandotte, WV To: Cc: Mr. Edgerton I have a few wonderful pictures of you at this event and I thought you may like them. I really enjoyed meeting you this weekend and I love what your doing. As a Confederate reenactor now when I meet those people that think [...]

4 11, 2010

News 1957

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Blacks Who Support Black Confederate Mythology Nov 1 2010 There's a good conversation going in this thread on black lay historians who support the myth of black Confederates. I think the first thing is to realize that many of these African-Americans are, themselves, Southerners. I don't know that we appreciate how much whites and blacks in the South share in common. It's very different than, say, Jamaican Americans in Crown Heights and [...]

4 11, 2010

News 1956

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Black Confederates, Cont. Nov 1 2010 Historian Bruce Levine has a really good op-ed looking at the myth of black confederate legions. Here's Levine discussing the Confederacy's death-bed conversion: After months of heated debate, a severely watered-down version of this proposal became Confederate law in March of 1865. Gen. Richard S. Ewell assumed responsibility for implementing it, and Confederate officials and journalists confidently predicted the enlistment of thousands. But the actual results [...]