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2 11, 2010

Hkedgerton 400

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Back to the main articles page      Another Honor / An Open Report At the request of the State Commander of the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable Mike Beck, on Saturday morning, October 30, 2010, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier, and in a program sponsored by the Sons and the American Red Cross, I would find myself in the role of a Confederate Steward [...]

1 11, 2010

Facebook 343

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Dave Ellis - 10/31/2010 Status Comment Thank you Mr. Edgerton for promoting the rich history of the South and our Nation. So many want to shrink and polarize history to two dimensions for their own purposes. Your efforts keep our history 3-D and vibrant. I commend and support you Sir.

1 11, 2010

Facebook 342

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Charles Towler - 10/30/2010 Status Comment If you look at the many photos of H.K. holding, hugging, and blessing them all; meanwhile they have come out of their houses and cars you can't help but see the black folks that embrace him and feel honored to shake his hand and get photos made with him. Meanwhile I bet that the race pimps in the hierarchy of the NAACP, PUSH, not to mention [...]

1 11, 2010

Facebook 341

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Leonidas Polk - 10/30/2010 Message Subject: persona Brother HK, I have missed seeing you since Pidgeon Forge. I have recently taken on the persona of our president (Jefferson Davis) and have been debating a spureous individual who portrays A. Lincoln (Larry Elliott from Louisville KY). Fortunately I have been able to educate him concerning the truth (not doing any good, but he is getting an education anyway.) I just pray that Bishop [...]

1 11, 2010

Facebook 340

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Paul Gant - 10/29/2010 Status Comment H. K.; God bless you and your ability to so clearly poke holes in the fog they have created so that they may control people. Why these fools would rather lord over beaten down, ignorant, subservient waifs than stand shoulder to shoulder with strong people free to succeed or fail on their own merit with the help of friends and neighbors. I remember a friend of [...]

1 11, 2010

Facebook 339

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Carol Alawine Sessums - 10/29/2010 Status Comment HK..I appreciate your standing firm on your convictions. Just wish there were more people like you...both black and white. If we loose the TRUTH from our history, then it is no longer history...only someone's made-up story. Thank you.