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25 01, 2011

News 2006

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Ex-NAACP president celebrates Confederate roots Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011 By Deborah Deggs Cariker Special to the Courier APRIL SOUND – H.K. Edgerton is a man who loves God, un-revised American and Southern history and the Confederate flag. He also is a black man – one who knows his pro-Southern views make him unpopular in some circles. But, he doesn’t care much about his popularity. Edgerton, 62, a Baptist preacher’s son, is [...]

25 01, 2011

News 2004

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HOW I SEE IT: Confederates are American vets too By Chris Ezelle, Locust Grove January 19, 2011 Virginia sets the standard in U.S. history, and its historical past should continually be corrected and shared to educate those who either don't know about it or won't take the time to research and understand it. Let's take the two-year debacle about the Confederate monument on Barton Street in Fredericksburg that was dedicated in April [...]

25 01, 2011

News 2003

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Time To Lose Civil War Nostalgia? Some Heresies For The Sesquicentennial Jan. 12 2011 By CRAIG SILVER I remember the Civil War—Centennial, that is. I was a kid when all the commemorations began and of course thought it was all pretty cool with the blue and gray forage caps made of cardboard and fake felt, and all the other memorabilia you could acquire; I seem to recall plastic bags of minie balls. [...]

25 01, 2011

News 2002

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McDonnell, Allen have insulted Virginia's Civil War Confederate heritage, group charges By Michael Ruane and Anita Kumar Officials of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Tuesday decried what they called a "tide of political correctness" among Virginia politicians who they said continue to insult the state's Civil War Confederate heritage. Referring to what they called the nation's second war for independence -- "so often mislabeled the Civil War," said Michael Rose, commander [...]

25 01, 2011

News 2000

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Flag at Framingham home meant to honor soccer team, not the Confederacy By Scott O'Connell/Daily News staff The MetroWest Daily News Posted Jan 18, 2011 FRAMINGHAM — A Confederate flag flying outside a home on - of all days - the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. turned a few heads yesterday. It turns out the flag at 5 Old Coach Road had nothing to do with the Civil War, slavery, [...]

25 01, 2011

News 1999

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'Sweet tea line' across Virginia is getting blurry The Washington Post © January 18, 2011 By Steve Hendrix Dixie Liquor stands alone. The Georgetown shop, which has been casting its neon glow for more than 50 years, is the only business in Washington, D.C., and one of the few left in the region, with the word "Dixie" in its name. And it's not just the D-word. The region's Southern accent is also [...]

25 01, 2011

News 1998

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Sons of Confederate Veterans honors soldiers, not hate Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by Jon Pyle Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of guest columns by members of the Urquhart Gillette Camp 1471 Sons Of Confederate Veterans in commemoration of the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are the direct or lateral decedents of a Confederate soldier or sailor. I am very proud of [...]

25 01, 2011

News 1997

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Slavery was the central, but not the only, cause of Civil War BY ROBERT E. MAY Tuesday, January 18, 2011 One hundred and fifty years ago, South Carolina seceded from the Union and put the nation on the path to its bloody civil war. The NAACP and media commentators argue that plans by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other groups to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the origins of the Confederacy ignore [...]

25 01, 2011

News 1995

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Aiken Leaders Weigh- in on Confederate Flag Debate By Kait Rayner Published: January 19, 2011 "It reminds us of those days where we were not treated as human beings," said James Gallman. "It does not stand for hate, it stands for tradition of living, its the battle flag," said Bob Ritter. Meet these two men. The confederate flag has deep meaning to both of them. To Bob Ritter, it represents family honor [...]

25 01, 2011

News 1994

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Local NAACP urges boycott of Charlotte Group president: City a 'racist bastion,' urges CIAA tournament away By Jim Morrill Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011 At a Martin Luther King Jr. Day protest over school policies, the head of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP Monday announced a campaign to urge the CIAA basketball tournament and other groups to boycott the city. Pledging to "expose Charlotte for the racist bastion it is," NAACP President Kojo Nantambu [...]